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All About the Habits and Traits of Carpenter Bees

May 24,  · Pressure treated lumber is generally well protected against decay fungi and most insects that eat wood. But remember, CARPENTER BEES aren’t eating the wood. They’re only drilling through it. I’ve seen plenty of nests located in pressure treated lumber so whatever is being injected does not seem to slow them down or kill them. Jun 23,  · Carpenter bees get their Carpenter Bees Wood Holes Foundation name from their woodworking skills. These solitary bees excavate nest tunnels in wood, especially in lumber Carpenter Or Wood Bees Zero that is bare and weathered. Over Carpenter Bees Treated Wood 50 several years, the damage to wood can become quite extensive, as the bees expand old tunnels and excavate new ones. Carpenter bees are common throughout the United States Usually, they nest inside wood by boring holes and laying eggs about one to two inches below the surface. The holes are about a half-inch wide, although if a woodpecker finds the hole it may grow considerably in size as they pull the larvae out.

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