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What are some great internships for high school students? Check out these 14 options and learn how to find the best internships for your child.  At some point in your high school career, you’re probably going to start considering an old childhood question a little more seriously. What do you want to be when you grow up? And, if you’re like most high school students, the answer still isn’t crystal clear. That’s alright, and in fact, it’s % normal. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to explore your interests and various career fields before you take the leap and commit to a certain program or college major. Internships are a great way for high school students to gain work experience, learn about professional opportunities. Programs for High School Students. Take Classes While in High School. Alternative High School. Online Learning. Online Learning.  City Colleges Program Options. Construction Carpentry. Basic Certificate (BC). Nature of the Work.  Study specifications in blueprints, sketches, or building plans to prepare project layout and determine dimensions and materials required. Measure and mark cutting lines on materials, using a ruler, pencil, chalk, and marking gauge. Shape or cut materials to specified measurements, using hand tools, machines, or power saws. Carpentry course for Certificate III in Carpentry will provide students with a wide range of tasks in the building and construction industry.  Carpenters and Joiners have a high proportion of full-time jobs ( per cent). They can work independently or be part of a larger building company. Related Courses.  In our opinion TAFE SkillsTech is one of the better schools for studying a trade in Aus for international students. Come with us as Pathway to Aus takes you on a tour of TAFE SkillsTech in Brisbane. However, we are partnered with carpentry providers in cities all over Aus.

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