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Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Chris Lowe Carpentry Ltd Follow. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Bharti Tiwari. Julie Sai Cahiyang. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Basic Hand Tools for Carpentry Work 1. Basic Hand Tool for Woodworking 2.

Hammer Its look roughly like the letter "T". Most common uses for hammers are to drive nails, fit parts, forge metal and break apart objects. Power Drill This tool is so abundant, easy to-use, and reasonably priced. It is used for drilling holes in various materials together with the use of fasteners.

Circular Saw This is a machine using a toothed metal cutting disc or blade. Circular saws specially designed for particular materials. Tape Measure This tool Permits one to measure around curves or corners. It is a common measuring tool. It is a hand-tool for turning screw. A screwdriver is typically identified by its tip. The screwdriver's tip engages with the head of a screw having the same size and type designation as the screwdriver itself.

This pencil is quite different from ordinary graphite pencils. It is used to create draw lines, mark areas for cutting, or make notches in the material when measuring and planning. The hexagonal or flat design prevents them from rolling away. A carpenter should have a hammer that sits firmly in his hand and is comfortable to swing with elbow motion. I recommend going with a claw hammer with a 16 to 25 oz. Claw hammers are the most practical for carpentry as the claw tail can pull out nails and act as a pry bar for wood boards.

Be careful not to use the hammer for driving wood boards into place when jointing. If you are a field carpenter, consider going for a stainless-steel hammer with a lacquered or coated handle.

While slightly pricier, such a hammer will be protected from the elements and last a long time in pristine condition. You should make sure to have a set of screwdrivers for any work involving construction or furnishing. Also, screwdrivers with longer shanks allow you to apply more torque when turning the screw while also using less force. If you are from the US, having an additional set of square-head screwdrivers will leave you better prepared for fieldwork, as square screws are standard there.

Likewise, if you are from Canada, make sure to pick up a Robertson set. Note: The Robertson and square head screwdrivers are often confused for one another, but they do have distinct differences. A good finishing touch for your set of screwdrivers is to either purchase or craft a wall holder for them and hang them on the workshop wall.

Many larger sets come with such holders and the screwdrivers are arranged according to size and type. The utility knife has plenty of uses — cutting boxes, strings, marking pieces of wood, stripping excess material, opening cans of wood paint, etc.

Carpenters always keep it in their pocket. Your utility knife should be lightweight, easy to grip, and have a replaceable stainless-steel blade , such as the American Stanley blade. Sheathed blades with a retractable design, such as the boxcutter design, are safer and more convenient, with better protection. Mallets are similar to hammers, but perform better at specific tasks, especially jointing.

The mallet will be your best friend when it comes to pushing planks into place and creating a tight fit, like with tongues and bevels of floorboards or when doing furniture assembly. Your mallet should have a comfortable handle that allows you to grip it firmly. As mallets weigh considerably less than hammers, make sure to purchase one that can apply sufficient force when swung naturally.

Hand planers are one of the oldest tools of the trade, and they can be used both as a basic tool for rough work or as a detailer for finishing steps. They are composed of metal blades fastened to a long, flat stock with a diagonal handle for pushing.

Dragging them across a flat surface will shave off strings of wood evenly, perfect for trimming sides of planks and 2X4s. In the hands of a skilled craftsman, they can be used to create round edges by shaving at a degree angle, also known as edge planing. You can find hand planers of various sizes and weights in the market, and a carpenter usually uses a light hand planer for narrow planks, while the heavy-duty models are best for beams and thick bodies of wood.

Once set-up, just turn the planer over and check if the bottom is perfectly flat with the blade protruding evenly. Chisels are carving tools composed of a sharp metal blade with a variety of shapes and angles, attached to a wooden or metal handle.

They are used to either shave away material or outright break parts away when driven by a mallet. If you are in the market for chisels with metal handles, make sure they have rubber coating at the bottom of the handle to absorb mallet and prevent deforming. Carving is usually done during the working of the wood piece, while finishing touches may involve soft tip chisels or just sanding. Another use for chisels is to shape circular pieces on a woodturning or lathe machine by applying gentle pressure evenly and moving the chisel horizontally to shape the turned wood.

Highly skilled woodworkers can create beautiful works with chisels alone, such as carved paintings, sculptures, and figurines. Any serious carpenter will possess a whole set of chisels with various blades, usually displayed on his wall with a set holder.

See a chisel in action in the video below:. The hand saw is your trusty companion in making rough cuts, such as sizing down pieces of wood for further work. Fewer teeth will lead to smoother cuts , and having more teeth will make cutting faster , albeit less smooth from the additional tearing.

When coupled with a careful sanding technique, the hand saw can accomplish ideal straight and flat cuts. However, alternative saws are much faster and more practical at the job, while the hand saw is better for outdoor work or cutting on a sawhorse.

Hand tools can accomplish a large portion of carpentry work given enough knowledge, proficiency, and time, but power tools are a step-up in every aspect. Power tools are necessary to set up a workshop or field practice and take carpentry to a professional level such as commercial woodworking or construction work.

The ideal type and model of a power Best Carpentry Books Pdf tool is unique to each carpenter, but generally, all of them will possess the following in their work environment:. The power drill is a very versatile tool used both commercially and on a workshop level.

Its uses may seem simple, limited to drilling holes and inserting screws or fasteners, but the drill is backed by a plethora of attachments and drill bits, as well as settings for speed, power, and torque. A set of drill bits is a staple in the package, and you will usually want to purchase additional drill bits for your specific needs. Do All Drills Have Reverse? The circular saw is your go-to option for making deep straight cuts.

As mentioned, blades New Carpentry Tools Pdf with fewer teeth lead to smoother cuts , while having more teeth increases the cutting power at the cost of smoothness. Jigsaws perform their operation by retracting a metal blade lined with teeth, powered by an electrical engine. The retracting blade allows for speedy cutting, but at the disadvantage of not being suitable for thick material. Hand-held power sanders are used to strip away uneven material and create a perfectly smooth surface.

There are two main types — the palm sander and the orbital sander , both used by hand. The palm sander is square in shape and operates on a belt model.

The grit paper is attached to the belt and sands the wood surface with forward motion. Palm sanders are typically used to sand hardwood floors and square areas by applying a back and forth pattern. Orbital sanders , are very similar but operate based on a spinning disk. Circular sanding is better for round surfaces and round objects in general.

Disk sanders are a special kind of orbital sander that is fixed to the workbench vertically. Both types of sanders have their advantages, and you should keep both handy if you work on a variety of different projects. Remember that 40 to 60 grit paper is for removing significant imperfections and heavy sanding work, while 80 to is for minor imperfections. With constant Lathe Tools Pdf Viewer cutting and sanding in the workshop, a lot of dust and wood shavings are bound to cover the place.

Many power tools and bench tools have special bags or compartments to collect sawdust, though these models tend to be pricier. A more affordable solution is to purchase a sawdust vacuum. Sawdust vacuums have special filters to prevent dust from entering fans and the engine compartment. A nail gun or nailer is a power tool used to drive nails into wood under pressure force. Nail guns are commonly pneumatic, powered by gas or air pressure, but there are electric variants, some of which come with batteries for portability.

There are two distinct types you should know about: the framing nailer , used for heavy-duty work, and the finishing nailer , which is suitable for light projects. Nail guns have rails that are adjustable for use in straight and angled modes. The framing nailer is commonly seen in construction and maintenance work, such as securing carrying beams or 2X4 boards, which require a greater penetration force and bigger nails.

The finishing nailer is a lighter version better suited for smaller projects like cabinets, shelves, and other simple furniture, as well as finishing touches on bigger projects, as its name implies.

Generally, finishing nailers fire headless nails which leave a tiny surface mark, and the lower force dramatically reduces the risk of wood splitting. Staple guns are well suited for attaching fabric to wood, a common practice when building or restoring furniture. Exact measurements are paramount to proper cuts and correct stencils.

Your measuring toolset should be able to adjust to both small and big objects of various shapes. Also, practical math and geometry skills combined with high-quality measuring equipment are a match made in heaven.

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