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This chest will fit beautifully into any space and provides great additional storage for items such as blankets, pillows, toys and smaller items in the tray. It can also be used as a coffee table, entryway bench or at the foot of a bed. www.- Reviews.  Drill 2 - 1 1/2" pocket holes on either end of the 2x4x20" boards at a 45° angle. Ensure that the base is square. Secure using wood glue and 8 - 2 1/2" pocket hole screws. Flip the base over so that the pocket holes not facing up. 2. Cedar Chest Hinge and Lid Support - This classic chest hinge integrates a lid support, making it the ideal choice for a lid hinge on cedar chests, blanket chests or hope chests. Lid stays engaged at approximately 95°. Hinge is sturdily constructed from brass plated steel. Mounts to side of case and underside of flat lid. Includes one left and one right hinge, plus matching screws. #Hardware #ProjectHardware #BoxHardware #ChestHinge #LidSupport. Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge Lid Support, Satin Nickel. Similar to hinges in laptop computers, these heavy-duty cast-zinc hinges allow virtually any size lid to open smoothly, hold its position (when opened to 90 degrees, beyond that the. cedar chest hinge and lid support. cedar chest hinges. cedar chest cooler.  This old cedar chest was passed down from my grandparents, to my parents, and now to me! It definitely showed its age, but with Cedar Chest.  In this video, I partially restore a cedar chest for a client. Bent hinges and water stains were the least of its problems. The veneer How To Restore A Mid-Century Lane Cedar Chest. Contemporary: Clean sleek lines. The most modern of styles. It is so similar the mfg. Holes can be manually drilled into them at custom intervals. Corners must be mortised by hand. This toy chest hardware is used in conjunction with hinges or a piano hingethese lid supports counterbalance the lid to keep it from slamming shut. Offset: For doors that are only partially inset into the cabinet.

Notify me when my review is approved. Sooo easy! Soooo safe! The lid support worked perfectly for my grandson's toy box. Using the math formula to select the correct support and the three installation diagrams, I installed it in ten minutes. Now, Alex can safely pull toys out. This perfect birthday gift is ready for play next month! Email me when question is answered.

Do you offer right side supports? You normally would use one or the other as trying to match the pivot points between the Left and Center installation can be difficult. You can center mount one all the way to the right side and use a left hand one as well, but the manufacturer does not make a right hand specific model.

Comes out to b around inch pounds. Do I need to use 2 white ones or 3 yellow ones? It is so similar the mfg. I have a left hand hinge and a right hand and the left looks identical to your pictured hinge. I didn't read that in the disclaimer when I ordered this and so it won't open all the way gets to maybe 50 degrees and then it slams shut once I'm at the last 10 degrees of closing it.

I'm sure if I just get the next size down it'll fix the slamming because the length of the lid needed to have the 5" back wall subtracted from it and that made it an inaccurate torque measurement I just would like to know if there's another type of hinge that'll allow for a wider angle opening with a thick chest back wall?

Related Products Shop All. Per Pair. Most manufacturers use this measurement to identify the size of the pull. Square Corner: Square corner hinges offer an upscale look. Corners must be mortised by hand. Radius Corner: Radius corners are typically only available on residential grade hinges. Corners are mortised using a router. The diameter of the hole that is drilled into the back of the door to accommodate the hinge. Decorative adornments on the top and bottom of the hinge's pin.

Single Demountable: Requires a slot be cut into the door. Double Demountable: Requires a slot be cut into the door and the cabinet frame.

Contemporary: Clean sleek lines. The most modern of styles. Glam: Glitzy and glamorous Global: These designs draw their inspiration from countries around the world. Nature: Shapes and details from the natural world. Retro: Popular hardware designs from the past. Traditional: Classic designs with thoughtful shapes and details. Transitional: A nice blend of contemporary and traditional style.

Architectural Grade: Architectural grade hinges are typically used for custom doors and hardware upgrades. They are of higher quality and made of thicker material. Residential Grade: These hinges are used in most tract type housing. They are relatively thin and best used on light weight doors.

The product's measurement from top to bottom. At HardwareSource we are proud to carry many top of the line manufacturers. You can filter products by some of our top brands here. The substance a product is made from. The measurement from one side to another when the hinge is in the open position. The degree the hinge will open to. The overlay dimension is measured from the edge of the cabinet opening to the edge of the cabinet door when the door is in the closed position.

Clip-On: Clip on hinges attach to the mounting plate by snapping into place.

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