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Cut perfect circles every time! Attach this jig to almost any bandsaw to create a system for repeatable accurate circle cuts. Circles up to 48" in diameter are possible when you provide proper external support. Easy-to-read radius measurements ensure precise circle size.  This product isn't cheap to buy; however, it is made out of aircraft aluminum. All the parts are well made. For years I had used a shop made jig that worked pretty well, but I came across a project that I wanted to do that demanded several exactly cut circles. I thought my shop made jig would be out of its league for the job so I bought the AccuRight Circle Jig. I don't know if I made the right choice. Probably not. Setting the jig up is somewhat complex. How to cut perfect circles with a bandsaw! ⭕️. Learn how to make an adjustable circle cutting jig for your bandsaw in this step by step DIY tutorial. Hello everyone, today I’m sharing how to build a circle cutting jig for your bandsaw. This is a really easy shop project that will make cutting circles a breeze. My bandsaw Circle Cutting Tool For Metal circle jig is largely inspired Read More». Woodworking Workshop Learn Woodworking Woodworking Crafts Woodworking Plans Woodworking Furniture Furniture Plans Woodworking Jigsaw Kids Furniture Woodworking Magazines. Table Saw Ripping Jig. I have just completed a Bandsaw Circle Jig Plans 081 circle cutting jig for my band saw. Scribing a circle in thin material using a compass is relatively easy but with thicker plastic it can become problematic. The neat thing about this jig is: 1 - It replaces a bunch of plywood boards I used with holes drilled at various radii. I would have to line up the blade with the dowel insert then cut blanks to almost the exact diameter of the circle I wanted to cut otherwise they would not fit between the blade and the dowel.

How to build a bandsaw circle cutting jig. Make repeatable perfect wooden circles! This is a really easy shop project that will make cutting circles bandsad breeze. I loved the adjustable dovetail slider feature in his jig and had to incorporate into my jig. For sneak peeks on upcoming projects follow me on Instagram! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

This helps keep the content on the site free and I appreciate the support! The circle cutting jig for bandsaw plans for items are some of the tools and supplies I gathered to create my bandsaw circle cutting jig:. Watch the how to make video below or continue reading for the written tutorial.

The bandsaw circle jig is a quick weekend shop project that can be made using scraps from your woodworking pile. Cut a piece of plywood for the base of your bandsaw jig.

Your dimensions will vary based on the size of your bandsaw and on the size of the average circles that you want to create. Make a mark where the bandsaw blade will line up and from that point mark two lines: citcle inch above and below the initial mark. This section will be the adjustable Bandsaw Circle Jig Plans 085 sliding dovetail. Glue the top sides to the base of the circle jig. First glue and clamp one side.

Place the sliding dovetail with a card on each side before gluing and clamping the second side. This will ensure that the cktting has room to freely slide in and out.

Using playing cards as a circls for the sliding dovetail. I used a scrap circle cutting jig for bandsaw plans for of oak and attached it to end of the circle jig. At this point I noticed a had an imbalance issue with my bandsaw jig.

I installed a small rare earth magnet to the base of my bandsaw jig. This was my first time using threaded inserts. It was a breeze and adds a nice dircle to the project. This is the pivot point for the wood blanks. This final step is a really nice to have: installing sticky measurement tape. To install the tape:. Applying sticky measurement tape to indicate the radius of the circle.

Cutting a circle cutting jig for bandsaw plans for with the bandsaw circle cutting jig. Bandsaw circle cutting jig on the Rikon bench top bandsaw. You can avoid marring the surface of your circle by first cutting a sacrificial circle. Attach a wood blank to the sacrificial circle using double sided tape. Now you can cut a circle from the wood blank without damaging the surface. Hope this post inspires you to build a circle cutting jig of your own. Software engineer by day.

Woodworker by night. Gamer video and tabletop. Beginner woodturner. Bringing you new tutorials each circle cutting jig for bandsaw plans for Read More….

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Bloggers may use one image per a post. Learn how to make an adjustable circle cutting jig for your bandsaw in this step by step DIY tutorial. Sliding dovetail cut at a 30 degree bevel. Attaching a runner for the miter gauge slot. Like this: Like Loading Build a Toy Monster Truck Arena ». Connect Software engineer by day. Most Recent Posts. Privacy and Copyright.

The bandsaw circle cutting jig will not only deliver a perfect cut circle every time but also greatly spee ds up production. The jig will allow you to cut circles of any desired size simply by making a simple adjustment on the jig. The bandsaw circle cutting jig is a shop built jig which is easy to build and requires very little material. With this jig you can cut perfect circles quickly and reliably on the band saw. This jig’s base is made from phenolic plywood. Its durable, slick surface is perfect for supporting the workpiece as you rotate it through the cut. An adjustable pivot pin on a heavy-duty aluminum bar allows you to cut circles . The jig’s base is made from phenolic plywood. This type of plywood has a durable, slick surface that makes it perfect for supporting a workpiece as you rotate it through the cut. An adjustable pivot pin that’s mounted in this base, as well as a heavy- duty aluminum bar, work together to allow you to cut circles up to 38" in www.- Size: 1MB.

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