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Select the CNC G-code Generator -> Select the CNC bit -> Select the mode to upload model file (Or enter text) -> Set up parameters -> Click Generate G-code. Note 1: You can generate several model files into a single G-code to do carving all at once. Aug 14,  · With G-Code, you can create a whole range of products based on your designs. Furniture, clothes, machine parts, jewelry, signs—there’s a wide range of possibilities right at your fingertips. You can even start off small, using your own CNC kit or 3D printer to play around with designs. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE. G-code is a (somewhat) standard language to define instructions to be fed to multi-axis machines, CNC and 3D printers being prime examples. A G-code file is usually a plain text file (that can be opened with any text editor), containing a sequence of G-code "blocks", i.e. lines of instructions. Each block (line) can contain several G-code instructions, but it often has a single command and its parameters, for better .

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