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We use CNC model as a basic milling frame and we install our powerful lasers on it. Endurance CNC machine is an excellent Carving Mini Engraving Router PVC + laser engraving / cutting addition with W / W / Power Wood Carving Youtube W / 8W / W / 10W lasers. You May Cut and Engrave Using Endurance CNC combo mill + laser unit. wood Best Router Bits For Wood Carving You / plywood; acrylic. 4. Regarding to fixing material, attaching CNC bit and setting work origin, please refer to 6 Fix Material, 7 Attach CNC Bit and 8 Set Work Origin and Start Carving. 6 Fix Material. 1. Place the material on the center of the CNC carving platform. 2. Attach the clamp set to the CNC carving platform, then fix the material by screwing the wing nuts. MYSWEETY DIY CNC PRO-M 3 Axis CNC Router Kit with mW W Module + PCB Milling, Wood Carving Engraving Machine with Offline Control Board + ER11 and 5mm Extension Rod out of 5 stars $ $

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