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Cove Crown Moulding Router Bit. Brand: infinity Tools. Price: $ + $ shipping. This fits your. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. /4" cutter diameter x 5/8" cutter height x /64" radius. Precision machined from fatigue-proof steel for extra strength. Now you can make large Cove Router Bits Profiles 64 cove moldings for furniture and trim with your table-mounted router. This unique bit cuts a large, smooth arc; just what is needed to create a cove shaped crown molding for your next piece of furniture casework. Bevel back edges using a chamfer bit or WL For even greater versatility, combin. Our Cove Crown Molding router bits come in three different sizes. has a cutting diameter of /4” and makes a /4” diameter cove. Cove radius similar in size to a 9 oz. jelly jar or 16 oz. soup can. has a cutting diameter of /4” and makes a /4” diameter cove.

The World's Router Bit Source. Track My Account Quick Order. 0 Items: $ View cart. Molding Bits. Save time and money by creating your own molding! You can use our profiles to match your existing molding or create your own custom designs. Cove Bits Edge Beading Handrail Ogee Rabbeting Roundover Table Edge. Brick molding; cove bead plunge router bit; Once you've mastered the art of building the shell of a project, you may want to get creative and include some trim or molding to add your own style. From the classic shapes that have been with us for centuries to some of the more modern accents in recent history, we've got a great selection of. 2. Insert a 3/4-inch cove bit into a hand router. Hold the router by both handles and set the router base down on the edge of the board. Kneel and sight down the edge of the board to observe the.

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