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Thank you! This manual is also suitable for: Page 2 general safety 1. This video outlines the basics of power tool and appliance electrical diagnosis. Never turn the machine "ON" before clearing the Sumner Avenue, Cleveland, OH table of all objects tools, scraps of wood, etc. Your email,has been added to our mailing list.

Next Page. Also use face or dust mask if cutting operation is dusty. Everyday WARNING: Read all safety warnings, eyeglasses only have impact resistant lenses, they are not instructions, illustrations and specifications safety glasses. Page 5: Additional Safety Information English 5.

Never turn the machine "ON" before clearing the Sumner Avenue, Cleveland, OH table of all objects tools, scraps of wood, etc. Flying www. Information is also debris can cause serious injury. To reduce your exposure to the outlet, have the proper outlet installed by a these chemicals: work in a well ventilated area, and work with qualified electrician. If you This planer is designed for wood working.

Tighten the locknut. Recheck and make certain that the inside edge of table extension is level with the Fig. A planer table. If necessary, loosen the two The head assembly 5 contains the cutterhead feed rollers, screws , adjust the extension table and retighten cutterhead guard and motor. K Fig. Your planer is provided with a foam covered carrying handle 20 , located on top of the machine, for ease in transporting the planer.

The carrying handle, also doubles as a stock transfer bar for transferring stock from the outfeed to infeed end of the machine. Page 11 Also, check for blown fuses or open circuit breakers in the line. Page Register Online If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of not being used.

Related Manuals for Craftsman Planer Craftsman Page 2 general safety 1. Learn limitations as well as the specific peculiar to this tool. Page 5: Motor Specifications And Electical Requirements motor specifications This machine is designed to use a Do not use any motor that runs faster It is wired operation on volts, nating current.

The fence should be positioned to the extreme right toward pulley but not beyond the end of the blades. Page Fence Tilt Scale b. Tilt to desired angle knobs. Page Infeed Table to know your e. It Craftsman 6 Inch Jointer Planer For Sale Pin must always be in place and function- ing properly. Page 15 a, Insert a pencit in space at end of cutterhead hold cutterguard open, b, Place a straightedge large square outfeed table, First along one side than other, Raise infeed table until touches d, Sight between table and straightedge high condition It is easier to adjust the infeed table while Page 17 b, To turn machine insert finger lever and pull end of switch out.

To turn machine OFF PUSH lever in. Never leave machine unattended until to a complete stop. To lock switch in OFF position..

Do not plane, joint or bevel wood shorter Material this Remove belt guard, 2. Position fence right. NOTE: Sears has a knife setting gauge for this purpose. Remove cotter pin from pivot pin in cutter remove guard located underneath Spring must appear as in sketch from feed table, will perform properly upside down. Page 24 Craftsman 6 Inch Jointer Planer For Sale Nz 5.

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