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Jun 24,  · I want to bevel a 2x4 on my Craftsman Radial Arm Saw Bevel Lock Youtube Radial Arm saw and for the life of me cannot get the motor to turn. There is a lubricating point the manual says to access turn to 45 degrees. Manual also has a whole lot of repetition the motor is going to drop like a ton of bricks when the lever is released but I can't get it to move more than 1/8". May 18,  · The saw looks good and the motor runs, I can crank it up and down, the carriage moves smoothly along the arm, the arm swings smoothly, the power unit angle is able to do bevel cuts, but it is stuck in the crosscut position. The Craftsman radial arm saw is one of the most versatile Craftsman Radial Arm Saw Recall Kit Zip power tools ever made. It is capable of performing functions done by a combination compound miter s.

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