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Mar 03,  · I picked up this old great saw and found out that it had a recall. I went online to www.- found out that my saw qualifies for FRE. My craftsman radial arm saw bevel pin is stuck so my saw will not bevel at all. It is model Can I take the plastic cover off the front to get to this pin? How does one go about getting this pin or lock to work? How can you get to this bevel locking pin?Missing: youtube. Jun 24,  · I want to bevel a 2x4 on my Radial Arm saw and for the life of me Craftsman Radial Arm Saw Key Valve cannot get the motor to turn. There is a lubricating point the manual says to access turn to 45 degrees. Manual also has a whole lot of repetition the motor is going to drop like a ton of bricks when the lever is released but I can't get it to move more than 1/8".Missing: youtube.

Page Radial Arm Saw CRAFTSMAN RADIAL ARM SAW- MODEL NO. The model number will be found on a plata attached to the base. Always mention the model num- bet in all correspondenceregardingyour RADIAL ARM SAW or when orderingrepair pads. _ 21 SEE FIGURE G FIGUREF CRRFTSNRN"RADIALSAW Sep 27,  · I have a Sears Craftsman 10" Radial Saw Model No with sticking bevel lock release problem. To make it work as advertised in manual, do this: (1) Elevate saw well above table top & pull it forward so as to work on the front 1/2 or table. (2) With blade on left, remove blade cover. blade guard and saw blade. Then release the bevel lock and rotate the head of the saw so the arbor points straight down, as shown at right. After securing the bevel lock, release the clamp mechanism for the arm so you can swing it from side to side. The idea here is to slide the head of the saw along the arm .

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