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Sep 03,  · Is it safe to have a cutlery drawer under an induction hob? I presume that the magnetic field is not just directed upwards. What would be a safe distance under such a hob to store cutlery which may be magnetic? andyjenk, 7 Jul #1. 1john. . Mar 02,  · Moving the cutlery draw isn't always a practical proposition. Thankfully we have a gas hob, but the cutlery draw is in the top of an mm wide pan drawer immediately beneath the hob. No other mm wide cabinets to move it to - no other drawer cabinets at . Provides a protective barrier between the Cutlery Drawer Under Ceramic Hob Ac hob cabinet and the hob, so there's no risk you can touch the hob from below when you use the drawer and be burned. Prevents cutlery and utensils from damaging the hob from below.

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