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May 09,  · David Barron Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom I am married with two children and am a woodworking fanatic! I make fine furniture as well as a range of very popular hand tools which I demonstrate and sell at shows. I teach woodworking courses at West Dean College as well as write regular articles for Furniture and Cabinetmaking magazine. Mar 15,  · www.- how to get perfect edge joints every time! Apr 09,  · A customer in the US has ordered a left handed jointer plane which I will be making in my next plane batch. I used to make a small number of left David Barron Jointer Plane Kit handed planes for stock but there was very little take up. The one shown above, made from Indian Laurel, is the last of this stock made a few years ago which will be going to the same customer.

The reason I did feel like i needed to write this up is because the jointer plane is an often overlooked hand tool, and the low angle jointer plane even more so. the /2 is 22” long which was surprisingly large (Stanley low angle jack plane in second picture for comparison) and is a bevel up “low angle. Mar 15,  · www.- Fine wooden planes for cabinet making. David Barron range of tools including dovetail guides, 45° and 90° guides, magnetic honing guide, spline guide, dovetail saw and dovetail DVD. +44(0) Contact Us.

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