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One of our ki Sometimes the keys just wear to the point where they no longer work. Use the old lock as Cool Stuff To Build Out Of Wood Not Working a visual aid to purchase a lock that is the same diameter. How to Secure a Filing Cabinet to a Wall. You can also open the drawer by sliding a screwdriver between the top of the drawer and the cabinet.

Build Something Extraordinary With Our Large Selection of Quality Cabinet Locks and Latches at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. If it works with a key that turns a latch and a little thingey flips out and Black Cabinet Cam Locks Not Working locks the www.- there are no springs. Call a locksmith Small Cabinet Locks For Sale China preferably some old guy that has been working with old locks for www.- often they have a huge collection of keys and can find another key that will work. First, take the entire lockable drawer out of the filing cabinet. If the drawer is locked in position, you may need to unscrew the top of the cabinet to access the inside. Now, you should be able to locate the hexagonal nut that holds the old locking mechanism on place. This is usually found at the rear central position of the filing cabinet.

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