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Traditional Metal Split Hinge - 2 products. Barn Door Hardware. Made of durable cast brass, it features a rugged, hammered surface. Made of substantial cast brass, it features our exclusive Antique by-Hand decorative furniture door hinges which ages decorative furniture door hinges over time into a beautiful natural patina. Quick View. We pride ourselves in providing the widest assortment furnirure specialty hardware you will find in the marketplace, with an endless array of accessories to ensure that your installation goes off without a hitch. Due to state dor regulations, you may experience delays in the shipping of your order.

Shutter and Folding Door Hinges. Pivots for Wardrobes and Cupboards. Filter Hide filters. Classic Steel Bifold Hinge - 2 products. Classic Metal Bifold Hinge - 6 products. Classic Metal Bifold Hinge - 5 products.

Wood Door Adjustable Pivot Hinge 3 products. Lift-Off Hinge 2 products. Center Hinge for Folding Doors 2 products. Sewing Machine Hinge - 2 products. Classic Brass Bifold Hinge - 6 products. Adjustable Spring Hinge 2 products. Classic Metal Bifold Hinge - 2 products. Pivot Door Hinge - Heavy Duty 4 products. Cabinet Hinge - for Lipped Door 7 products. Tabletop Hinge Product number Hinges For Kitchen Cabinets Doors Data Classic Solid Brass Bifold Hinge - 6 products. Knife Pivot Hinge - Heavy Duty 10 products.

Three Leaf Bifold Hinge - Product number Folding Screen Hinge 2 products. Hinges come in all shapes and sizes, making it difficult to determine which kind of hinge is best for your project and particular set of needs. Our collection of specialty hardware includes a wide range of hard-to-find hinges that may just provide the solution you need.

With so many hinge styles to choose from, it can be daunting to keep track of all the differences, but we took the liberty of eliminating the guesswork in order to make your search easier than ever before. Piano Hinges : Also known as continuous hinges, piano hinges are long, narrow, and tend to span the entire length of a door or lid.

Although they were originally used to affix heavy piano lids to pianos, hinges of this type are now used in a variety of applications, because they do a good job of distributing weight. Due to the design of its long, continuous pin, a piano hinge can be mounted with many more screw holes than a traditional hinge, providing optimal strength and stability to accommodate high traffic and heavy use.

Weld-On Hinges : As the name implies, weld-on hinges are intended for heavy-duty applications that require welding hinges onto other metal surfaces. Hinges of this type come in many sizes and styles, including ball-bearing, barrel, pivot, spring, strap, and other varieties. Shower Door Hinges : When you need to mount the Cupboard Door Hinges Wickes Zero shower door in your bathroom, you will find just what you need in our selection of shower door hinges, which can be mounted from wall-to-glass or glass-to-glass for Overlay Cabinet Door Soft Close Hinges Function fluidity.

No-Mortise Cabinet Door Soft Close Hinges Yield Hinges : Looking for a quick and easy option? No-mortise hinges do not require any cuts in the wood in order to be attached. Thinner than traditional hinges, these hinges also limit the gap between doors and cabinets. Garage Door Hinges : Do your overhead garage doors come equipped with extension springs? Make installation as easy as possible by stocking up on garage door hinges. We also supply ball bearings for garage door rollers. Refrigerator Door Hinges : Make sure your refrigeration equipment is tightly sealed and secure by stocking up on heavy-duty hinges.

We offer a wide variety of aluminum, die-cast zinc, and steel hinges to suit any need. Hatch Hinges : When it comes to boats, dock boxes, and other specialty applications, hatch hinges are what you will want to have on hand. We carry both flush hinges and pulls in a wide variety of finishes. From toy boxes to secretary desks, you can find all the supplies you need to complete your project in our vast selection of furniture hinges.

Our hardware experts are also standing by to answer any questions you may have while shopping with us today.

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