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Important note: This table was built for a specific 10" saw model, so the dimensions and connections may vary somewhat for your saw. As a general rule, you should plan to make the tabletop as wide as the extension being replaced and as long as the front and rear rails can sturdily support. Sometimes, the extension table can be slightly longer than the metal extension it replaces. Making sure the top edges are flush, glue and screw the strips to the tabletop.

Sand the top surface of the banding flush with the top of the plywood tabletop. Using contact cement, center and adhere the plastic- laminate to the top of the tabletop assembly A, B, C. Before drilling, double-check that the top surface of the extension table will be perfectly flush with the top sur face of your saw table. See the Front View drawing on previous page for reference. Fasten the extension to the saw table. Remove the extension table from the saw table and drill the guide- rail mounting holes where marked.

See the End View for reference. STEP 4 Measure the distance from the top of the saw table to the centerline of the existing hole.

Transfer that dimension to the table extension. Drill the mounting holes through the banding. Quick View. Add to Cart. JessEm - Installation Template. View All Router Accessories. You must be logged in to write a comment. Log In. Find a Store. My Account. My Cart. Go to Home Page. Mobile Navigation. Same Day Shipping Find a Store. Search Go. Topics Cabinetry. Delta router table extension javascript Hardware.

Dust Collection. Friends of Woodcraft. Getting Started with Woodworking. Make Something. Pen Table Saw Extension Router Table 30 Kit Reference Chart. Press Releases. Resin Casting. Shop Talk. Woodcraft Magazine. Woodworking Adventures. Constructing the tabletop assembly Note: The letters referenced herein refer to the illustrations on next page.

Mounting the extension to the saw table 1 Follow the four-step drawing below to mark the mounting holes in the tablesaw extension. STEP 1 Mark and transfer the centerlines from the saw-table holes to masking tape. STEP 2 Position the extension table against the saw table, and transfer the marks. Router Accessories Delta router table extension javascript View Item Quick View Delta router table extension javascript Write Comment You must be logged in to write a comment.

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Feb 23,  · In this video, I describe, in great detail, how I was able to add a Craftsman industrial aluminum router table to my Delta table saw table. Thi Missing: javascript. Aug 15,  · Adding a router-table extension to your contractor-style tablesaw is fairly easy to accomplish—simply remove the metal extension that’s there now, and then build and bolt this one into place. Important note: This table was built for a specific 10" saw model, so the dimensions and connections may vary somewhat for your saw/5. Dec 28,  · The new Unisaw has a 31” deep table, the PM is ” and the ICS is 30”. IIRC, the PM72 and Delta 12/14 had 38” deep tables. I don’t know if they are, but if the bolt holes are the same spacing, one of the generic router table extension wings might work, although you would have the difference in depth to contend www.- g: javascript.

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