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Mastercraft Digital Caliper with an LCD display Inch to mm conversion button [] Set prerenderReady false Loaded carousel content_canadian-tire_en_jcr-content_assortment-brand-footer-iparsys_column-controlf4_columncontent_suggested-products-c Stanley Tylon™ Tape Measure, ft $ 99 (17). Shop Canadian Tire online for temperature and moisture readers, inspection cameras, laser distance measurers and more essential tools. Pick up Digital Talking Tape Measure 2020 at + stores. equip your toolkit with speciality measuring tools, from temperature and Digital Tape Measure With Memory Keyboard moisture readers to inspection cameras and laser distance measurers. voltage tester, electrical tape, wire. Jul 24,  · Canadian Tire Mastercraft Digital Tape Measure. So it was off Digital Tape Measure With Memory Test a little and now it's calibrated. Canadian Tire No Mastercraft Digital Tape Measure: Questions, Answers, How To, FAQs, Tips, Advice, Answers, Buying Guide: "However, the instructions say to pull the tap in and out about 80 cm (31') five times to calibrate." batteries: AG, LR44, , A pair will cost about $ at an .

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