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Notice that you work in different environments; therefore, find the one that can flexibly fit from the darkness to the digital tape measure menards zero. It was interesting until I got near the end and saw the prices. Thank you! As for accuracy. What maesure 4. It placed second in four other categories, securing the 1 slot in our testing.

Ergonomics is about designing for the end user. For ergonomics we look at:. The best tape measure in the ergonomic category was the Milwaukee. The crew liked the d etent on the back of the body, and finger brake on the bottom. The Milwaukee body has plenty of rubber over-mold on top and base.

The extremely durable hook has solid rivets, a super strong magnet, a screw- nail slot with 2 upper tabs. The Milwaukee tape measure features a unique belt clip constructed out of wire bale instead of a flat piece of metal. The clip is specifically designed to reduce wear and tear to pants and tool bags. The crew noted that this belt clip was difficult to apply to a pant pocket one-handed, but once applied it does a phenomenal job holding the tape in place.

It has a rubber over-mold on top back and bottom, a strong, secure, positive clicking tape-lock that can resist 4 lbs. The crew liked the belt hook, and low profile magnetic hook with its screw — nail slot on lower tab and two upper tabs extensions.

Third place went to Komelon which is a very comfortable tape to use, smooth recoil, and one of my favorites. Readability and durability are two words that stick when I think of tape measures. Three tapes tied for best tape measure readability.

On the back end of the tape the numbers allow you to read upside-down. This scale starts on the back of the tape at 10 inches and runs to 22 inches.

One thing the crew noted was that after the inch markings, the tape markings get a bit busy to read. The markings are longer on this tape, and are labeled similar to the Komelon after inches. We dropped the tapes onto pavement, once at feet, and a second time at feet. We set up a personnel lift to do our drop testing. Almost all of the tapes survived our foot drop test. The Klein tape measure sustained the most damage.

The Tajima and Lufkin came in first place on the foot drop test. Both tapes worked perfectly and had zero visible damage. On the foot drop test the two most durable tape measures after drop testing were the Dewalt and the Stanley FATMAX, both sustained the least damage and were still usable after the test.

Lufkin and Tajima came in tied for second place with slightly more damage but less than the rest of the pack. The Klein came in last, due to its case braking open on impact. It placed second in four other categories, securing the 1 slot in our testing. This dark horse sneaked by the competition and took the 1 slot three times in several testing categories, and scored 2 three times and 3 six times.

After the testing it was apparent to me that these devices need proper care in order to provide you with accurate, reliable measurements. Caring for your tape measure is easy, here are a few steps for properly maintaining your tape measure. Robert Robillard is a remodeler, general contractor, and principal of a carpentry and renovation business located in Concord, Massachusetts, and serves as the Editor of Tool Box Buzz and founding editor of A Concord Carpenter. Rob is in charge of our Tool and Product Review - Tool and Product Review - Video Channel, , where we post all of our tool reviews and video tutorials.

Rob enjoys using his knowledge and experience to help and educate building professionals as well as DIYers on best practices in the remodeling industry. The Concord Carpenter's motto: "Well done is better than well said! All posts by Robert ».

Next time, please test lockout, some trades use tape measure as an adjustable stand, for example when soldering verticle piping, or trying to hold light objects up at perfect height. We did — zero issues. In hindsight we should have discussed that. Thanks for the comment! Is a higher score better or worse? Hi Jeff- the lower graphs did better. Ill do the graphs differently next time — good feedback. Fatmax extends well and that is all. Thank you for this article.

As a tradesmen of more than 30 years I have been through my share of tapes measures. I have always liked Stanley tape measures but recently purchased a Milwaukee with the magnetic hook. The majority of my work has been finish carpentry and I liked everything about the Milwaukee except the magnetic hook. It made it impossible to read the first inch of the tape.

I replaced that Milwaukee tape with there non magnetic hook and the first inch is good to read. I find it surprising how vast a difference there is in the pricing of the tapes. I guesss it proves the saying if you want something that works and is going to last you are going to pay more for it. One last thought, I find myself checking where the product was made before I purchase it.

Almost anything with a built or made in the USA is good with me. Thanks again for suck a detailed article. As a Woodsmith I have found that the Craftsman sidewinder tape measure is a godsend to use.

Before I would try to make a mark on a board and then the tape measure would fall over, but Installing Side Mount Drawer Slides Zero not with this one. How about accuracy? Recently, we laid a few different tapes, side by side and noticed a difference. There are a few Accuracy Class I tapes out there…. Thanks for your comment. I had not come across the distinction before.

EU guidelines state a class I tape up to 2m in length must be accurate to within a margin of 0. Under the same guidelines a class II tape of the same length should be accurate to within 0. Accuracy was great out of box, no story there — but in retrospect we should have reported it. Great feedback thanks.

It was interesting until I got near the end and saw the prices. I have a tape in all the work stations in my shop where I might need one. These are the Harbor Freight tapes that are often free when You are purchasing something else. I lose them before they ever wear out and since I have seven tapes in my shop one at the rip saw one at the table saw one at the radial saw one at the chop saw one on my bench and one at the drill press.

I can replace them for next to nothing and I will. Had to replace a tape a couple of months ago and bought a stanley powerlock. Whatever stanley did with their most recent manufacturing process, it sucked. Threw it in the garbage and bought a milwaukee. Stand out on mine is at least 9 foot plus and the blade is significantly thicker.

Stanley tools seem to have declined significantly in quality. Finally, the hooks are to short and will not catch on a board by just using one hand and pulling the tape measure. Stanley quality is, IMHO, non existant. A cheap Menards brand, Performax, is better quality; not the best quality but better than Stanley. Nice test! So when I measure with the tape in my left and pen in my right hand, I will not have to read the numbers upside down.

I would be ready to pay a little extra for that feature! You know its funny that all the tapes you checked out are all read upside down numbers. These taps are make to hold in the left hand and hook on the right hand side which the numbers will be up side down and hard to mark. Why are not the tapes made to have the numbers right side up? In the meantime, I did some research. Louis: I have 2 theories why this is the way it is: 1 In math, 0 is always on the left side, so tapes comply.

In that case, fair enough! Somewhere out there is a post from a pro. When measuring, holding the tap in the left hand and hooking the end at the right end of the tape, why are the numbers upside down. As fare as I can see, all the manufactures make their taps the same way.

When marking a measurement with the number up side down it is not hard to make an error in marking. Can someone explain why. Thanks: Lou:. The auto lock feature that you can turn on or off is an excellent option if you are working on your own, along with the 3. Also the magnet is detachable, another plus, along with the spare attachable wide blade for hooking underneath objects. Ever since the Fat Max came out 18 or so years ago I have enjoyed the wider blades resistance to turning over in windy conditions.

However, it seems as tho the same Fat Max as manufactured today doesnt have that same quality as those originals. And for the last years, every Fat Max I have purchased has trouble winding back in from about 4 feet and less… what used to be a one handed op when marking multiple boards to cut now requires both hands to bring the blade back in.

Very frusteating. I would hazard a guess that not too many products mass produced today have the same quality from 20 years ago. They engineer it that way.

This makes it tough to grab onto the hook. They made one body for both the magnet and non-magnet options. The brand I use and love is the komelon. For the price I paid for mine I could spend dollars on a fat max but I can buy 2 or 3 komelons for the same price. Who cares about abrasion or debris tests. Some of these tests are useless to the every day use of tapes.

Matt, the abrading of the markings is the 1 reason for failure of tape measures. Maybe not in your area of carpentry but in the industry as a whole. We also did a stand out test, indoors with no wind, which is what you would encounter measuring crown.

For your scenario a laser distance measure would work quite well. In fact, Stan reviewed the Bosch GLM 50 C recently that has the functionality of linking to your smart device and laying an easy 2D drawing based on the measurements. That would be perfect for crown. The review can be found here. I have worked outside in all weather conditions building Morton Buildings for 14 years. Great test! I wished they would have tested the hook to see how well it held when pulling out the tape and how well it would grab the edge of a board so it could be done with one hand.

Hi Ken, we spent significant tie evaluating the hooks. We may not have articulated all of it but the results are in the ranking. Too much time for charging will remove your mood of applications. Moreover, the auto shutting off function can save the tape battery, especially when it is a household item. In case you need a better back up, you can consider a tape measure that has the rechargeable or replaceable power source.

The more complex your job is, the larger the mind your tape measure needs to have. Some small models can store a variety of databases, which can minimize your taking note time. However, you should not bias the storage if your demand is a fundamental task; a lower mind is suitable enough to please you with the price tag. You are a professional pro or a home buyer; you all have your ideal tape measure. Various modern features are the best fit for a real measurer; for example, the laser feature can help you reach both volume and area.

The others do the calculation based on theoretical geometry. One more thing this is the portability. Lightweight for more accessible storage and the portable feature can comfort you even in the most stressful situation such as a band that you can quickly add to your wrist. After having your dream tape measure, you have to checkup this product daily as a routine for a better partnership.

Carefully note down my advice, and start maintaining your tape now! Every metal tool requires dry condition but not the heat from the sunlight.

The direct light and heat will revenge the blade from swelling or stretching. Besides that, water on the edge will lead to rust and scrubbing down the film as its rewinding. My experiments measured feet recoil, many inner parts ripped off, and the others twisted their blades.

Your tape produces to bear the brief as well as the rapid shock over and over again. It is also dangerous for you and the people around; therefore, you should control the speed blade when it returns. Quickly go through these FAQs to find out which will be miss when you own yourself a top-ranking tape measure. You can read by counting how many marks a given length is short of a full inch. The tape is ordinarily Bosch Digital Tape Measure Manual Quiz set-supported while the tape measure is a flexible one, which can measure size, distance, and length without a tape tab.

There are four basic standards of tape measure accuracy. Unclassified cassettes do not have a mark on their blade. Can alternative in some case but not a centralized situation one as well as a professional one.

The program seems to be quite easy to use. Simply start Measure, point the camera to an object on the screen, then select two points to measure the distance between them. That is all for my suggestions. I appreciate all the time you have shared and happy to say that I have been so close to my tape measure. I believe you are all clear that the reason I pick this tape is its financial advantage.

However, the most attractive to me is the modern outlook and its unique features. I fall in love with the block button for the first time since I soon know that this extra will support me a lot on my woodworking projects. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Shop now at Amazon. Pros Long-lasting usage High rate accuracy Reliably light and sturdy Included protective case.

Cons Bending through time No extra accessories. Cons Blade prints in one side The belt hook loosens via time. Pros Bold metrics and numbers both size Magnetic handy hook Highly protective structure.

Cons A little bit heavy Rubber smell displeasure. Pros Reasonable price Suitable for self-working Small with ergonomic design. Cons Hard to stop moving backward while staying out Need to have Craftsman Router Sign Maker Zero a magnetic tip Metric measures improperly marked on tape better inch marking.

Pros Straight stand out for more reaching and efficiency Convenient stiffness of the first feet Heavy duty case Long working period. Cons Need to have a bigger clip size Heavyweight. Pros One-hand locking available Smooth for both retraction and extension Conveniently work in wet conditions Nice and easy to roll out Numbers print with bright color.

Cons Tape graduations printed in low quality A little thin blade. Pros High steel tape to give up bending and collapsing The self-making system to draw circles quickly and perfectly Suitable length, no need to start marking over and over Covers with a durable case.

Cons Lack of card of instructions Too large to operate Difficult to lock this tape. Pros Modern look and ergonomic design Minimize troubles of calculating Durable case attached. Watch video: Lufkin Tape Measure Review. Pros Color diversity Affordable price Outstanding re-zero range.

Cons Moving in a quite slow speed Lack of laser measure. Pros PVC locks conduct and valve up to 2 inches in Digital Tape Measure With Memory Test diameter Durable blade with nylon coat Numbers are clear to read in both side A nylon coat protects prints. Cons The end hook faces loosing Not a stable brand suggestion.

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Buying guide for best tape measures A tape measure may be a simple tool, but it can be indispensable when tackling a home-improvement project or simply hanging a picture. Sign up. Tape measures have a true-zero hook feature.

This allows you to measure inside an object and still get an accurate reading. The head of a nail or screw fits into the hole, anchoring it so the tape measure stays in place as you work. Be careful when retracting the blade. The blade edge could actually cut your skin during recoil. This is a particular danger with automatic-recoil tape measures. Always double-check your measurements.

Other Products We Considered. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. We then choose a shorter list for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our top picks. These are the products we considered that ultimately didn't make our top 5.

Tape Measure, Chrome Classic, Foot. Speed Mark Gripper Tape Measure. Self Lock Foot Power Tape. FatMax Tape Measure. Digital Tape Measure. Measuring Tape with Magnetic End. Magnetic Tip Measuring Tape.

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