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The new Measure app allows you to use augmented reality (AR) to measure lines using only the back camera of your iPhone! Here's how it works!  Once you upgrade to iOS 12, if your iPhone is compatible with ARKit, the Measure app should install automatically. If it doesn't or you deleted the app previously, you can download it from the App Store free of charge at any time. Launch the App Store from your Home screen. Here are 6 tape measure apps with different tools and functionalities in measuring things that will be convenient and helpful in our daily life. You May Like: Best Mac Cleaner of Best iPhone Transfer Software You Should Know. 1. Measure: iPhone's Built-in AR Ruler. By using AR technology, Apple has added a built-in functionality of measuring real-world space and objects in iOS   And the results are highly accurate with the help of AR technology. Followings are simple instructions to use Measure app on iPhone. Open the Measure app which has been already installed on your phone. Move your phone around as the instructions on the screen said. A white circle with a white dot inside appears on the screen. Measurement tapes are one of those things which are extremely hard to find when you need them the most. Luckily, Apple has introduced a new measure app with the introduction of iOS 12 which makes measuring things very easy and convenient. This iPhone Measure App makes use of the AR Kit, Digital Tape Measure On Iphone 2019 to measure the things and spaces in the real world with the help of iPhone’s camera.  This application lets you measure almost anything with your iPhone in the simplest way possible, making Digital Tape Measure On Iphone Mac it the most effective length, area, volume, and height measurement app. You would no longer need to relentlessly search for your measuring tape all over the house to determine whether a particular furniture will fit a space or whether a wall hanging is hung up straight. The Measure app on iPad Pro Ratings and Reviews See All. Check that the person you're measuring has nothing covering their face or head, like a face mask, sunglasses, or a hat. Published Date: March 02, Learn More. Each one of these tape measure apps are all fairly unique, allowing you to take measurements in different ways.

Using Moasure is just as easy as the rest of these tape measure apps — just move your phone from one point to another point, and then Moasure — using some behind the scenes trickery, displays the distance or height difference between the two points, or the angle between them. CamToPlan is another camera and Augmented Reality measuring app. You can easily measure the area of just about any surface, for length, distance, and more.

This is the digital ruler that will never let you down. Next up on our list is another augmented reality tape measure tool: AirMeasure. Using the power of your smartphone, AirMeasure will allow you to measure almost anything instantly.

As long as you get the pinpoints and markers correctly — and you have a supported device — AirMeasure is able to take a measurement as accurate as a tape measure. Similar to ARCore in a lot of ways, this is another one that is able to expertly leverage augmented reality technology to give you accurate measurements on different planes.

If you get those markers lined up just right, AR Ruler App is able to be just as accurate as a tape measure. Just like ARCore, you can measure in inches, cm, m, feet, and even yards. This one even has a super handy distance meter on it. Find out how to gauge the size of real-world objects with the Measure app and your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch camera. The Measure app uses augmented reality AR technology to turn your device into a tape measure.

You can gauge the size of objects, automatically detect the dimensions of rectangular objects, and save a photo of the measurement. And with iPad Pro First, make sure your device's software is up to date.

The Measure app works on these devices:. How to take a single measurement Open the Measure app, then follow any onscreen instructions that ask you to move your device around. This gives your device a frame of reference for the object you're measuring and the surface it's on. Keep moving your device until a circle with a dot in the centre appears.

Move your device so that the dot is over the starting point of your measurement, then tap the Add button. Slowly move your device until the dot is over the ending point of your measurement, then tap the Add button again. Touch and hold one of the points, then drag it where you want it to go.

The measurement changes as you move the point. While the measurement is displayed, you can tap the number to see it in inches and centimetres. Tap Copy, and the value is sent to your clipboard so you can paste it into another app. Tap Clear to start again. You can also take a photo that shows the object and its measurement.

Just tap the Shutter button , and the photo appears in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Tap it to make edits using Markup or swipe left to save it to your Photos app.

Tap the Undo button to remove the most recent measurement, or tap Clear to start again. It measures diameter, levels, angles, and circumferences. This app lets you measure objects and distances even without internet connection but if you want to fully unlock its features, you can partner it Moasure One which is a device used for measuring that works best when partnered with your iPhone for more options and functions.

MeasureKit is another laser measuring tape app for the iPhone and iPad alone. In fact, its user interface is simple and easy to use. You just need to point the camera and shoot. With the current technology innovations, we can say that we are truly far from where we began and we still have far more to explore. Augmented reality is the latest fad for mobile developers to integrate with Smartphones because they know that mobile devices will replace a lot of important things in the future.

Just like for measuring, be it an object or a distance, we can now enjoy measuring and estimating stuff using only our devices. You have read the 5 best laser measuring tape app for iPhone and I hope you get to use one of them and explore more.

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