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A new version of the ETape16 digital tape measure is hitting the market. The company released something similar a few years ago (as shown in this out-of-stock Amazon product), and it looks like they made a number of improvements to the design. The ETape16 has a traditional tape, but also a large digital readout. There are two memory slots, an automatic inch and metric conversion button (the tape also has dual-scale markings), a hold button, a multi-functional midpoint and rezero button, inside/outside measurement selector, and blade lock button. Advertisement. ETape16 Measurement Scales: Inche. The eTape 16 Digital Tape Measure is a unique and durable tape measure you will find more reliable and convenient. This tape measure provides three memory functions, which comprises one short-term measurement hold and two long-term memories. It also has the centerline calculation. This is ideal for the inside and outside measurements. This innovative tape measure makes your measurement tasks quick and easy by using a digital display for exact readings. You can pause the digital reading if you are measuring at an awkward angle and if you’re doing a chore that requires multiple readings, just use this tape Digital String Tape Measure Level measure’s handy memory functions to store it for when you need to recall it later – comes with a short term measurement hold along with 2 long term memories. Aug 05,  · Pros: Easy highly-accurate measurements, convenient memory function, standard or metric measurements. The eTape16 Digital Measuring Tape can store up to . The rugged digital tape measure is also equipped with three memory functions, including a short-term measurement holds and two long-term memory options for ultimate convenience. Save time and money with this handy tool for construction, electrical and renovation projects/5(K). Press the BLADE LOCK button, display “locks in“ current measurement. Release BLADE LOCK button, display is cleared and ready to take next measurement. Press M1 (in red) or M2 (in red) for 1 second, you will see M1 or M2 on the display showing that the measurement is now in memory. To recall press the M1 or M2 button.

The fifty-foot laser measurement is double than most feet tape measurements available in the market. It is IP54b rated Provides clear and visible readings Dustproof design for durability Runs on a lithium battery The distance range is of up to 40meters. All in all, to meet the growing need for convenience, Most Accurate Digital Tape Measure Cell recent laser measures are compatible with apps on smartphones, a feature that lets users access their recorded measurements. Furthermore, the laser measurements deliver high accuracy while providing a longer distance. This hybrid invention is a result of the integrated circuit being mass produced. Flexible and retractable design 5m long and 24mm wide measure blade Can stand longer horizontal and vertical directions All-weather construction and antirust nylon LCD with Digital Tape Measure With Memory Test backlight Short term and 2 long-term memory functions Outputs measurements in inches, feet, and cm.

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