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Its reinforced aluminum frame should allow it to withstand quite a bit of abuse. You shouldn't expect one of these wheels to meet all of your measuring needs. While some of them are quite accurate within a half inch or so , if you're laying out a wall or a subfloor or really anything in a house, a half inch is too great a margin of error. If you're doing woodworking, even that margin of error is too great. Our selections tended to favor the larger wheel because when these sorts of devices are designed with large diameter wheels, it lends itself to greater accuracy.

The greater circumference allows a given unit of measurement to be distributed over less of the total circumference of the wheel than in small diameter wheels. To put it simply, models like the Calculated Industries DigiRoller that have more wheel makes it so that a foot will correspond to less of the wheel and so a degree of turn will have more information in it than a comparably small wheel. To be sure, this will also end up depending on the sensitivity of the meter but at the very least, the device's accuracy won't start with the constraint of a small wheel.

Measuring wheels meant for surveying such as the Rolatape Professional serve as a counterexample to this since they will often have large wheels but will typically not be sensitive to units smaller than a foot. Of course, this is a design feature and you won't need to be that accurate when you're surveying thousands of square yards.

Equipped with an advanced digital counter that converts your measurements into any of eight different units, the DuraWheel Digi-Pro appx. It also has a trigger-operated brake and folds up for simple storage.

The Keson Center Line appx. Whether you'll be working on asphalt, pavement, mulch, or rocky surfaces, its accuracy and durability will never be in doubt. It's designed with strong steel for durability, and its smooth-rolling wheel is able to record up to , feet for huge commercial operations.

It collapses to half its size for transport, too. Its ratchet counter is cast in steel so that it can withstand arduous jobs out in the elements. While the battery-powered AdirPro Commercial appx. It can handle bumpy terrain as effectively as smooth indoor flooring, and it's able to measure up to two full miles before it will require a reset.

Our ancestors have been measuring distances for centuries. It features markings in fractional increments of revolution that stem from a primary reference position. When the wheel fully rotates, the circumference of the wheel is equal to distance traveled. Inspect the surface. Make sure the route is as clean as possible, since obstacles and loose debris will negatively affect the accuracy of the measurement. Position the tool on a precise starting point. Begin walking, pushing or pulling the wheel depending on its design.

Stop the device on the exact ending point. Pick the tool up and record your measurement. Simple enough, right? Contractors frequently use them to record the interior dimensions of buildings and rooms within those buildings , as well. The tool is also tailor-made for surveyors, railroad workers, and road maintenance crews who have to measure fairly substantial distances in an efficient manner. Your options: mechanical and electronic.

With a reliable brake, you can hold the measurement in place to maintain accuracy before you get back on course. When you begin your search, wheel diameter is a key aspect to consider. They rotate slower than small wheels, which means they'll incur less wear and tear over the long run. You may prefer a more compact wheel for indoor use, as they work better on smooth flooring and allow you to get close to walls. At six to 12 inches in diameter, a medium-sized unit is suitable for construction workers and similar tradesmen.

Realtors, indoor contractors, architects, roofers, and flooring professionals may want to go with a wheel smaller than six inches. Rolling over a rock or a curb can send your wheel off its track as it continues to spin, which will lead to an inaccurate recording. Most models consist of a variety of materials.

Metal units, on the other hand, will be heavier, provide more stability, and stand up to daily use more effectively. Additional features that will enhance the functionality of your tool include telescoping handles, kickstands, counters, and carrying cases for portability.

Typically built with wood and iron, the early devices resembled small wagon wheels. Indeed, wagon builders often constructed measuring wheels, as well.

These original manufacturers often mounted a small instrument for reading the distance near the top of the handle. Road builders, mapmakers, and officials working to measure the distance between towns were early users of these tools.

Shipping Info. Add to Cart. In order to replace the old school approach of counting floor tiles or simply winging it, this device records distance traveled in feet, speed in miles per hour, and gait. Each AmbuTrak distance measurement instrument can record data for rolling walkers and rollators with front wheels that are 5 to 8-inches in diameter. Want to learn more about the Ambutak and how it can be used in Physical Therapy?

Check out our full article on Caregiver University! More Information. Acquiring multiple of these in a physical therapy office, occupational therapy building, senior living home, geriatric care center, rehabilitation center, outpatient facility, and private home will allow you to accurately record patient walking distance while assisted by a walker. This relatively small measurement unit is simple to use and incredibly accurate. This modern piece of technology allows doctors of physical therapy to finally record distance, speed, and gait data with real-time accuracy and efficiency.

By incorporating one or multiple of these economical units into your medical practice, you will no longer have to inaccurately count tiles on the floor, use bulky rolling sticks, or make a rough guess on the spot. This is a set it and forget it style of application. This means once it is securely installed it will continue to record with no adjustments or maintenance needed. An internal computer processor comes preset for the circumference of a 5-inch wheel.

It can be readily adjusted to fit wheels up to 8-inches in diameter. The top number presented on the AmbuTrak Distance Tracker shows the total distance and the bottom digit is the gate speed. The device can be reset by holding both buttons down for 5-seconds. It will automatically turn off to save battery power and will turn on automatically as soon as the walker begins moving. In order to install this device, the computer display slides into the clip attachment as the clip attachment is tied to the center crossbar on the walker.

The sensor will not read and record data if it is loose. Make sure the pieces are all secure and tight. The sensor should line up with the wheel spoke and should not be touching the spokes. Take the clip and attach it to the wheel's spoke to actually register and record movement data. Lastly, use the zip ties to secure the wire to the frame of the walker. Have a question about this product? Click here to ask us! AmbuTrak package set.

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