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Check settings with the square again. So now I'll be able to re-build a really good saw from two old ones! Phil B astpeter7 Answer 1 year ago. Also, radial arm saws do not like to be moved, and settings will probably drift when one is moved. The saw diy radial arm saw table 3d rests on the stand and adds stability to it by forming the side of a triangle.

The third photo shows the keyholes in the table mounting rail. My homemade table clamps involve two wedges. Make them about 8 inches long. I cut these from a piece of 1 x 2 inch pine. I used a piece of 2 x 4 to make a square block. A piece of 1 x 4 would have worked, too. With the saw's fence in place, move the back table against it. Place one of the wedges against the back table so the block will be near the pointed edge of the wedge.

Place the square block against the wedge. Hold the block and scribe the outline of one of the keyholes in the table mounting rail onto the bottom of the square block. Use a 10 or 12 woodscrew.

Drill a hole in the narrow part of the keyhole. Insert the screw as far as the shoulder where the head begins. The head will drop down into the broad portion of the keyhole and slide back to the narrow portion. You will actually need two of these blocks. Fit each to its respective side of the saw and mark them, just in case there is a difference in the position of the table mount rails.

Tap the wedge into place between the back table and the square block until the fence and back table are held firmly in place. Do this for both sides of your saw table. I thought about making table clamps from steel, but not everyone might have access to the needed metalworking tools. To remove the wedges, just tap upward from below them with a hammer. Great idea, and I will soon be implementing a variation on it.

My RAS is late s vintage, and I got the fix kit when that recall came out. The table clamps in the recall kit are in my opinion even worse than the original ones. Very good idea, Phil. I need something like that to not deal with rubber bands every time I glue two or more tables by its edges.

I could do something like this, directly on the workbench. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. You are correct, Osvaldo. I have seen wooden wedges used before when clamping for the assembly of panels or table tops. It would help you to use two identical wedges pointing in opposite directions so their outer edges remain parallel.

Peg holes in your workbench would make this versatile for gluing many different sizes of panels. I manage in this application with one wedge because the square wooden block can pivot.

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. I'm with ya i'm not giving up my saw i worked to hard on it to keep it nice I only use it once in a while any way most of the time i incorporate the compound miter it does the trick my saw was made mid 60's it had no bed the swivel mechanism was locked up as well as the angle compound mechanism and they put a regular lights witch on top where the toggle switch should have been i still have the light switch in place it works ok but the plate that holds the original toggle is gone so i may retrofit something later on right now it works fine.

I have to admit that spinning open blade is intimidating you could lose a digit or two if you aren't paying attention to what you are doing. There is a video to accompany the recall information. The video shows the operator's hand planted firmly on the saw table right in the path of a crosscut. Even one of America's Dumbest Criminals would not be so stupid as to put his hand in front of the blade's path.

Keep some watch on eBay. Frequently someone is parting out one of these saws. Woodworking Lathe: Used for Knurling, woodturning, metal spinning, glass working and metal working, Woodworking Lathe is a…. Currently in my shop I am limited on my number of larger tools. I have a miter saw that I have been using for all of my cross-cuts and a circular saw for ripping down sheet goods. However, after watching many videos on Youtube of the capabilities Had this radial arm saw about 10 years, after I got it used from my friend who ran out of room for it.

Finally got around to I liked the Home Depot cabinets so much I decided to use them for an 8 foot long stand for my radial arm saw. I used one 24" cabinet sandwitched b Of all the machines to cut my teeth on restoring….

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