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Build a Rustic Cedar Hot Tub for Under $1, | Make:

When we first moved to our off grid property to build a house check out our timber frame home planswe decided that we wanted our very own diy hot tub to soak our sore muscles in as we worked. But instead of buying one, we decided to make our ownand since no plans existed on the internet for them, we documented our crdar Because we have a large YouTube channelwe determined that the best route would be to make an entire series on our wood fired cedar hot tub build.

In this video we begin the process of accumulating materials for our cedar hot tub. In our previous video we went through our process of finding high quality cedar wood at very affordable prices. Simply ripping each board in half to pull out the staves would waste a lot of wood. To get the maximum yield from our cedar wood, we inspected each board carefully and isolated where the good stave wood dig for each board.

Next, we varied between cutting boards with a cross saw or ripping them in half, depending on where the quality wood was located on each firsd. This is a slower, more deliberate process then just going to town with the chop saw, but the amount of quality wood we were able to fured for other projects is well worth the slower pace.

Watch this video see the process we went through to make each cut to maximize our wood! There are multiple ways to do this, but this is the way we have found that works best for someone with minimal tools. This is arguably the most important step in this entire project… if your joinery is bad, the rest of the project will go downhill.

In the end, YES, our tub holds water what a relief! All you need to do the joints in the video are two router bits and a router. Patience is a virtue…. Practice, practice, and practice some more before you do the final joinery. If you need to go through 10 test staves, then do it… we promise you, your future self will thank you. Cedar is expensive and surprisingly hard to source around us so we use what we can get.

Just like with our staves, we thought through each cut we needed to make to avoiding wasting ANY usable cedar scraps.

In this video we demonstrate how to align the boards to and draw a perfect circle to make one easy cut through all the best pieces of wood. We had a few unexpected things happen on this part of the tub and learned some lessons about our materials along the way. Watch along with us and see how you can avoid experiencing these lessons first hand like us! All the separate pieces have been made and remade!

In this video we fred the staves to join them to the floor. In our experience, patience at this stage really pays off. We worked with each stave to get them to fit correctly and occasionally switched a few out to find ones that figed a better fit. Major bummer. Thankfully we used a little of our off grid magic and came up with an ingenious solution to fix the problem.

The gaping hole plugged, our tub should be ready to hold water in no time. The next step was racketing the sides of the tub together with tension cables so that we could flip it over. We had bought five extra feet but again our math turned out to be wrong and we needed every inch. Despite a few small setbacks, our contraption is now looking like a real hot tub.

Watch this video for more information about the assembly process! In this video we are installing the floor drain and benches into our cedar hot tub. Though our wood costs were minimal, we certainly paid a hefty price for the hardware.

Thankfully diy wood fired cedar hot tub benches are a perfect fit. We installed the floor drain where there were no supports in the floor and attached an extended elbow joint to create a backup drain system.

This is really helpful because we can attach a diy wood fired cedar hot tub to this joint and water our garden when we drain the tub. Sounds simple, but one big factor made this process exponentially more complicated for us: we live off grid. All diy wood fired cedar hot tub water we use in the tub has to be brought in, and uot initially relied on five gallon jugs.

We tested for leaks in the tub by pouring in these jugs, but the water leaked out faster than we could fill it, leaving our tub empty and our precious water wasted.

Plan B was to expedite our cistern diy wood fired cedar hot tub plan and use the power of thousands of gallons of water in one place to quickly fill the tub. Easy diy wood fired cedar hot tub, right? We struggled with our leaking tub for two weeks before it consistently held water.

This was such diy wood fired cedar hot tub tedious process hkt even the fun of filming wore off. But it was all worth it! Our cedar boards have swelled enough that the tub now holds water!

If only the water were warm and inviting… We are so close to getting this project wrapped up! Stay tuned for the next video as we install a wood fired stove into the tub…and get to use diy wood fired cedar hot tub Filling our hot tub has been a less than enjoyable experience as seen from our previous video but after the tub had consistently held water for two weeks we were ready to heat it up. This involved buying a used stove from a friend.

We have lots of tips on what to look for when buying a stove for a tub, so be sure to check out the video for more information. We installed the stove by bolting it to the floor with stainless steel bolts it was so buoyant we needed to use bolts instead of screws to keep it down! If you do this project be sure to invest in a thicker floor than we did! The stove works and we have been soaking in our warm tub every evening we can.

Every step in this crazy process has been completely worth it. Our video series was real-time, and these we added after the fact and will continue adding to them as we find things we could have done better! If someone would have told us these things before we started our project, we would have saved ourselves a few headaches. This is well worth your time. If possible, use paper or something that will release easily.

Yes, we speak from experience, and we thought we were being pretty conservative on our gluing. Tension Cables When assembling the turnbuckles and cable clamps, place the tail of the cable diy wood fired cedar hot tub the wedge part of the clamp, not the u-bolt part of the clamp. Use firm pressure to force the thimble over the eye hook of the turnbuckle.

Two people installing the cable clamps makes life a lot easier. When installing your turnbuckles, be sure to leave more than enough room to tighten the cesar down multiple times.

Every day our tub seemed to shrink in the sun and we had to shorten the cables diy wood fired cedar hot tub times we ran out of space to tighten the turnbuckles on three occasions, that is. Before installing the cables, use wkod ratchet straps to hoh the tub up. We neglected to measure with ratchet straps so all said and done, our cables were far too loose.

Be sure to let the wod cure for the recommended number of days. I think we let diy wood fired cedar hot tub cure for 5 days well, we first tried for 24 hours but our hit failed.

When we first started talking about a DIY hot tub, we envisioned building a diy wood fired cedar hot tub hot tub out of a water trough and a cheap, DIY wood heater contraption on the outside. We did some rough calculations and determined that we Diy Wood Jointer Plane 3d should be able to build our own cedar hot tub for pennies in comparison, so we set out on a journey to try and are more than pleased with hoh results.

One easy way You Tube Diy Wood Projects of doing this is by simply sharing this tutorial on social media or on Pinterest using the image to the right! Any support you show is greatly appreciated! Did you enjoy this post? If so, help us produce more ceear them! We put a lot of work into bringing you the best content possible. Learn how you can support our blog here, without spending a dime! Thanks for your great diy wood fired cedar hot tub. Being in Australia cedar timber is no longer readily available, although we live in a place called Cedar Pocket.

Our question is about water filtration as we are going to be using rain water harvested from roofs. Do tu have a filtration system and what type? Oh the irony! Hello, Thanks for taking the extra time to post your video.

Looks like you used silicone or something is this required? Also do you recommend using the cable system? Hello, this looks wonderful, I know that once I buy my homestead, working on it will be a lot of work and with my fybromyalgia and osteoarthritis, a hot tub will help me with my pain. Good job and thank you for sharing. That was a few years ago but now I am disabled due to an accident which brings me to your hot tub video.

Good hoy Having owned 2 wood hot tubs. Brown built them I enjoyed the bench problem as I had the same thing, benches floating away. We used Linseed Meal added to the water, which seals all the diy wood fired cedar hot tub. Filtering is nice and if you can salinate the water for purification, makes it much nicer than that old nasty chlorine that we used to use.

I plan to build one again. Thanks for the Vid. How hot does the heated cedar tub get? Is it a bath tub temperature or hotter? And how long does it take?

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