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Thanks for sharing this at ppc Inspiration Spotlight party This is super cool. Cooling fans help maintain a proper operating temperature inside the case. Eventually, I got started without any complete plan and now my project is diy wood pc case when down more than working hours. But you're using water cooling so the point is moot - your biggest heat generator is already being vented directly out the back. The one I bought came with a CPU already. RockeyDA 5 years ago.

The fans will pressurize the case, pushing the air out the power supply and the vent at the top. After I had the basic shape I needed to get all the standard parts in the case to make sure there was plenty of room.

I could have manually drawn each standard part or I could just head over to GrabCad and download a file for all the standard parts. The last step is to assemble the parts and make any changes that are needed. For example I originally had my case to skinny. The CD bays had zero tolerance and would have needed to be pressed into the case.

I was able to simply had an extra half inch to the width of the case to make room for it. The insides of a computer are fairly standard and not that exciting to look at.

So for my garage computer to earn an admission ticket into the garage, I decided to figure out how to build computer case out of wood — something I had never done before. Before I jump into details of my project, it may help a bit to know a little about how computers are built today. The case just houses all the components. Technically you could build a computer without a case which I have in the past — you can get pretty creative with a bunch of computer hardware and a milk crate , but leaving all those parts exposed increases the likelihood of physical damage.

The motherboard is a large circuit board that almost every part plugs into and allows all these parts to talk to each other. Parts on the motherboard are typically fixed and non-customizable, with the exception of the CPU and memory. The CPU is the brain of the computer and performs most of the calculations necessary for you to surf the web or do your taxes.

Memory is a necessity for the computer to operate. A hard drive stores all of your programs and documents. The bigger your hard drive, the more data you can keep. A power supply distributes power from your electrical outlet to the various components inside the computer.

Without a power supply, your computer is just a large paper weight. Cooling fans help maintain a proper operating temperature inside the case. Ideally, you have a fan pulling cool air into your case where it is heated up by different parts — mainly your CPU and another fan exhausting the hot air.

For this homemade computer, I wanted to make the case as small as possible, so I focused on using small parts to fit the bill. Now that you have a basic understanding of computer parts, here are the parts I used for this DIY computer. These are small boards meant to fit in small cases.

There are lots of Mini ITX motherboards on the market. The one I bought came with a CPU already. Even better, my motherboard came with a passive cooling system.

Most CPUs get really hot and need a metal heatsink a metal block with lots of fins and fan directly on top to dissipate the heat.

This extra hardware equates to more space needed in my case. A passive cooling system ditches the fan for just a low profile heat sink, and relies on the case doing a good cooling job. As for the rest of the components, I had a 4 GB memory stick lying around from previous builds that would be adequate for my usage.

An SSD type hard drive was a must-have for this build. They are a lot more reliable than alternative mechanical hard drives, and also take up a lot less physical space. Finally, for cooling fans, I used spare ones lying around my office:. Once the computer was built, I was ready to move Diy Woodworking Lathe 8bit on to building the computer case out of wood. It was a pretty simple process. Constructing the case was pretty easy. Using the measurements from my design, I cut various shapes and lengths of wood. Then I used a combination of wood glue, screws and finishing nails to secure everything together.

Here I have motherboard risers in place six wooden pegs that the motherboard will rest on :. Next I made plywood cutouts for the cool fan mounting brackets:. To complete the design, I needed a piece of plywood for the cover. To give the case some more character though, I decided to put a plexiglass window in the cover.

The only thing I would have done differently is enlarged the hole for the power supply. Almost all PSUs draw air in the bottom inside the case and exhaust it out the back. Way to go the extra mile and dovetail it instead of just gluing and screwing it.

Well done. I think it wd be safer and Diy Wood Furniture Projects 93 make a life lot easier if you used actual metal mounting plate for the motherboard I also notice around your psu I imagine it's getting pretty hot in there under extended Diy Home Decor Wood Projects 50 load?

I don't have a temperture monitoring in the case but all the standard temperatures cpu, graphics card Your instructable has a cool look, but be aware that computer electronics have to meet radiated emissions standards and that's why they are placed inside a metal box.

The sealed metal box protects you from these emissions. Circuit boards working at extremely high clock rates emit energy that you don't want to expose yourself to. I've run racks of unshielded multi processor motherboards starting with overclocked BP6 boards in my shop for literally decades doing distributed computing projects. I have yet to develop an antler, a tumor or illness. Sometimes government regulations are just stupid. Introduction: Wooden PC Case.

More by the author:. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It!

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