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Sanding hardwood floors might seem like a pros-only project. It’s a big job that creates big disruptions in your household. And then there’s that big, scary sanding machine But it’s really not that difficult. I’ve helped hundreds of homeowners—some of them complete DIY novices—successfully prep their floors for a . Homemade sanding machines. 1"x42" strip sander. 6"x48" belt sander. Belt grinder. Pat Hawley's thickness sander. Todd Hunt's open framed thickness sander. Ryszard's drum sander. Simon Heslop's drum sander. Ron Walter's drum sander. Neal Week's belt sander. Roger Gallant's strip sander/sharpener. Roger Gallant's edge belt sander. today i want give news about Mini Electric Belt Sander Grinder DIY Metal Wood Polishing Grinding Machine Sanding Belt Sharpener you can check promo on https.

Sand Every Square Inch the Same. Any variation in sanding steps can show up in the final finish. If, for example, you run out of grit sanding discs halfway through the initial sanding, you might be tempted to switch to grit. Don't. Even after sanding with higher . Aug 05,  · As they apply the new finish, it reacts differently to areas where there is bare wood and the areas where the previous finish is still on the floor. I have seen this turn floors GREEN! Just so you folks know, I have a very heavy powerful floor sanding machine. I almost always start with 36 grit. Replace the abrasive belt after sanding about square feet for most effective results. Sweep and vacuum the flooring to remove dust and debris between sanding with different grades of grit. Tip: Practice using the drum sander on an old sheet of plywood until you’re comfortable operating it, and then use it on your wood flooring.

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