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Calculate how much you need - Length x Width in feet equals your square footage. I used old cedar fence panels that were a disaster at first but once sanded down do it yourself wood plank wall ust and treated with a faux barn wood finish specialty paint store looks stunning!! As someone in the construction field, this clearly does not take into account any time nor misc. Wood January 20, I want to do this to one wall in my office. That is the beauty of the wiod properties of real solid wood.

Your wall may already be the color tone you need to match your wood. Even if the surface already looks clean, dust builds up fast. The presence of various indoor contaminants diminishes the ability of the adhesive to adhere. Consequently, surfaces must be cleaned with water and soap before the installation of wood planks.

If you plan on hanging any decorative items on your wall after installation, make sure to identify the supporting studs prior to applying the planks. Make sure you have enough space and light as well as all required equipment on hand to achieve your project.

Find inspiration from the patterns provided on www. Keep in mind that you must install wood pieces from the bottom up. Remove the paper from the adhesive lines and manipulate the pieces with care. Avoid getting them wet or dirty. Once installed, the planks are not repositionable. When ready to install, ensure the piece is correctly aligned where it will be positioned. Hold down and apply pressure to the entire piece for a minimum of ten seconds.

The adhesive will reach its peak adherence after 24 hours. Trim the pieces as required, fitting them against adjacent or predefined surfaces. In the event of curling or non-sticking, just apply a few tack or pin nails to the plank. Clean your workspace, and do not hesitate to keep the leftover planks for other innovative projects! Take some time to admire what you have accomplished: your very own personal wood wall design!

Please do not hesitate to share the end result with us at marketing timberwall. It is a genuinely natural product, and each piece in a box will demonstrate a unique structure, color and texture. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal patterns are the most common ways to install pieces from the collection, but they can also create a great design for a mirror frame, bed posts or any other application you might imagine. The possibilities are endless! All boxes are thoroughly inspected to ensure you receive only the finest pieces we manufacture and finish.

As all our products are natural, some variations in grading might occur. I love the look! Hi Laura!! The wood we use is pretty much smooth on its own and the paint smoothed it out even more.

Hi Denise! We tried to find the paint in the basement but I think we got rid of it! It was Behr brand and the kind that goes on pink and dries white. Did you sand the edges of the planks or just leave them how they were after cutting? I am working on my entryway now! Thanks for the post and inspiration! Hi Aaron! This is gorgeous! This may be just the inspiration I need to paint it all white! I quick coat of paint could definitely bring them back in style!!!

Good luck, girl! Love that wall, Sarah! I want to do our bedroom and need to show this tutorial to my husband!! Thanks so much for sharing it! I loved what you did and the tutorial was fantastic!

I just re-read your tutorial and now I see what you recommended and what you used. I should have read everything first!! Thanks again for a great tutorial!! Really like your blog! What kind of wood did you use? How thick was it? You mention using a table saw to cut it.

Thanks in advance! Hi Rhonda! We used underlayment plywood — I actually linked to the exact product in the supply list. You used luan underlayment plywood. Luan contains high amounts of formaldehyde. How thick was the wood that was used on the floor? Hi Helen! The wood flooring is bamboo from Lumber Liquidators. It scratches if you look at it the wrong way and shows every single scuff mark and scratch and everything.

Love this tutorial! The previous owner had an obsession with pressboard. The entrance is entirely pressboard. I want to add a wall length shelf to it as well for plants and a more farmhouse look. Should I keep it one color?

And would the gap between the shiplap be enough to hang a full wall floating shelf? I need to cover this awful pressboard any way possible! Hi Brandi! Those plans sound beautiful. Maybe use a cream or white? Is it really necessary to use the glue in the back of Do It Yourself Wood Lightsaber Tab the board? I just hate the thought that in the future if you want to remove it the mess would be awful.

We did that just to be on the safe side. Hello: LOVE this shiplap wall!!!! Very beautiful. I know I know…. Do you think? Would this be suitable material to use? Loved reading about your experience with hanging your shiplap!

I will totally remember this! We have used mdf plain white molding on our shiplap projects but they come out less rustic than this. I love this wood you used better! Beautiful nursery?? Just wondering how you painted the actual planks? I saw that you used a small brush for the cracks… Did you use a roller? We rolled the wall planks and brushed in the cracks.

Love the end result, but I have to tell you…. Took forever to load everything and it kept freezing as I was trying to scroll down. I am so excited about this idea. It solves a problem wall of mine and it would look so awesome. We just did this in our master bedroom and are getting ready to prime and paint.

Did you have any issues with the paint chipping off or not adhering the way it should? Hi Jenn! We have not had any issues at all with paint chipping or not sticking. We did this about 2 Inch Thick Wood Planks Home Depot a year ago at this point. I have a hallway that is wallpapered. I started to remove the wallpaper at the wall near the kitchen which everyone can see and the wallpaper came off with chunks of the drywall.

Thought about applying this technique in the hallway. Any suggestions if this is a good idea? What size planks? It would take several sheets to cover even a small room. I have to agree. As someone in the construction field, this clearly does not take into account any time nor misc. Congrats on the new addition!

I love your shiplap wall in your nursery! I have done this process twice and thought I would give a couple of suggestions: with the first wall we did, it was almost impossible to go back with a tiny paintbrush and paint the wall in between the planks, but at some angles you could see the wall so you could see how shallow our faux shiplap boards actually were.

So the second time we did it we had some very dark gray paint and would run a line where our seam would be. It really made it easier to do this before the plank was set. The second suggestion is we used nichols for our spacers. They seemed to work perfectly. I love the shiplap look and I think it gives so much interest to a wall. Love the way your wall looks! Even better to work with! Thanks for sharing! Just remind people that if they use old painted furniture or old painted wooden windows that they are careful to check for lead paint.

We were able to use chelation therapy which decreased the lead in his brain tissue and restored his balance and fine motor control and returned his speech to normal! I love this idea!!! When we moved in, the walls and ceiling , were varnished plywood — nice, eh? I want to do the whole room, the only tricky part will be the corners, as there are 10 windows to work around. Thanks again for your great tutorial! Two questions—did you paint the edges of each board along with the face of the board so bare wood could not be seen between the small gap?

Looks great!! I know you used spacers between the planks as you worked your way down. My question is did you use spacers between the pieces of planks in one row? Side by side? Or did you try and put them flush against each other? Just beautiful and your detailed instructions are amazing! Thank you!! Quick question.. Did you paint the shiplap SW Alabaster? Also, do you know the color of your crown molding too? Thanks again! What type of sheet wood that the name you never heard ofbdid u use?

Hard tonfind at the lumber yaed with no name. Looks great! Where did you get the wood? The link that you have here is for Home Depot and the wood is like 13 dollars per piece! Thank you so much for the tutorial!! I had a quick question. Did you space the boards in order for the shiplap look to be more evident? Thank you for your input!

Your opinion? I just love how everything looks white and fresh. We wanted to do a planked wall for our island cottage, but whoa, the cost put us off. As someone who works in a home depot lumber dept. A second point though is anytime your working on a project like this come find that departments staff member. You literally just saved me a weekend of work taking down crown molding and repairing the walls! Love shiplap and trying to avoid having to take down ugly brown tiles that run from floor to ceiling.

What size wall did you plank? I have 10 ft. Hi Sarah This room looks great and your directions sound so easy! When it came to the outlets and switches, did you have to use spacers behind them to raise their profiles out from the original wall? Did these planks hold up over time? I read another DIY post that used the same material and they ended up warping and bowing away from the wall since they are so thin. Did you have any trouble with this?

We had our local HD do the cuts for us on. Your hubby was able to get each of the boards perfectly straight? Hi Chris! We moved 2 years after we finished that room and none of them had bowed or warped in any way. We did use glue and nails on each piece though. My husband and FIL did get completely straight boards with the saw! My husband thinks we used 1.

I would love to try this but we have plaster walls. Do you think the adhesive would work alone?? Any suggestions? Hi Kathy! Clean the plaster walls down thoroughly to get anything off the painted plaster. She did one wall of a tiny room…. Is the adhesive necessary, or can we use nails only?

You can definitely just use nails. Okay, i really loved the way you explained it in simple ways, gonna try it on my ugly wall for sure. This is a great tutorial and fairly easy for the average person! My husband and I were able to plank an accent wall and it was totally doable!

Hi, this is beautiful and the instructions are super easy to follow. I imagine that the price really depends on the size of the wall. Thanks for sharing. Question Do you have strips down your walls? If so did you just place the planks right over them or remove them?

I want to do that to our walls we live in a manufactured home with the strips on the walls. I love your room , but yours is the first I have read that has used glue!! What type of wood? In your checklist you stated..

I would love to do an inexpensive wall, do you think I could stain it different shade of a light wood color? Or, it may not look exactly how staining a piece of pine would look, if that makes sense. For a time saver, most lumber yards will rip your lumber to width you choose.

That way you would only need to use the chop saw for end cuts. Unable to do the things i used to but still enjoy watching the fun projects. Thanks so much for sharing. The wall looks amazing. God Bless you and your family.

Especially your new little one. Thanks again. Love your shiplap wall and would like Fine Woodworking Magazine Subscription Studies to try it in my living room but only on one wall. Question, what wall do you put the ship lap on? My living room is quite small! How visible are the knots in the wood after painting? Does the paint do a good job at hiding them?

You are ready to buy — except one question remains — Should I buy peel and stick planks or planks without the adhesive on the back? Whether you choose our peel and stick planks or our nail up planks, you are going to end up with a gorgeous wall that has so much character and beauty, you will be admiring it every day.

Free Shipping on most items. Made in USA. This is NOT…. Do you love barn wood? Fixer upper style? You will love these reclaimed wood planks.

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