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Есть несколько слов, обозначающих «самолет» — jet, plane, airplane, aircraft, aeroplane. За то, чтобы самолеты взлетели (airplanes take off) отвечают наземный экипаж (the ground crew) и экипаж самолета (the air crew), состоящий из пилотов (pilots), которые находятся в кабине пилотов (in the cockpit), и стюардесс (the stewardess), которые находятся в салоне самолета (in the cabin). Выучим еще одно слово runway – взлетная полоса.  Какие вопросы обычно задают пассажиры у справочного стола: • When does the plane take off? – когда вылетает самолет? • When does the flight depart? — когда вылет? • What’s the depature time? – в котором часу вылет? •. To contact Jet2 Customer Service or Jet2 Support regarding WIFI support, WIFI connections / connectivity issues or other assistance, contact Jet2 Customer Service Phone Number + Is Jet2 Wifi Free? There is no Inflight Wifi (Paid or Free) in any of Jet2 flights. For additional information about Is Jet2 Wifi Free click this link. How Much Does Jet2 Wifi Cost? Inflight Wifi service is not available on any of Jet2 flights. For additional information about How Much Does Jet2 Wifi Cost click here. What Jet2 Planes Have Wifi? None of Jet2 planes have Wifi. For additional information a. plane, airplane - самолет. ticket - билет. insurance - страховка. flight number - номер рейса. direct flight - прямой рейс. flight - рейс. via Hamburg - через Гамбург. boarding pass - посадочный талон. departure - вылет. Departures- зал вылета.  seat number - номер места. gate number - выход на посадку № boarding time - время посадки. reservation - бронирование мест. booth five - будка №5. desk five - стойка №5. form - Jay Jay Jet Planes Lyrics бланк, анкета. landing card - бланк регистрации прибытия.

Aircraft with seatmap Seat Pitch Seat Width Seat Type Video Type Laptop Power Power Type Wi-Fi; Airbus A () Layout 1: Standard: Overhead TV: None: None: No: Airbus A () Layout 2: Standard: Overhead TV. 2 days ago · Aircraft Type Current Future 2 Historic Avg. Age Total; In Service Parked Total; Airbus A 3: 3: Airbus A 3: 3: Airbus A 1: 1: 4: Years: 5: Airbus A 1: 1: 4: Years: 5: Airbus A 2: 2: Airbus A 2: 2: Boeing Years: Boeing 1: 1: Boeing 7: 7: Years: Boeing 2: 2: Boeing . 12 rows · Jet2 fleet details. To see details about aircraft, click on to the number in the appropriate .

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