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DOWEL PIN 4 X 40MM - METRIC PARALLEL. View. YDP DOWEL PIN 6 X 16MM - METRIC PARALLEL. View. YDP DOWEL PIN 6 X 20MM - METRIC PARALLEL. View. YDP DOWEL PIN 6 X 32MM - METRIC PARALLEL. View. Previous. 1. 2. 3. Next Pocket Hole Jig South Africa Data >> Page 1 of 3. New. Specials. How To. About Us. Contact Us. Stainless Steel Dowel Bars: ASTM A, ASTM A SS , , , , , , H, L, , H, L, , S, , S, Ti, , L, , , H, , , , , F, , C, , PH, F Length is the measurement of the dowel's longest cross section. Most dowels produced are of the straight dowel variety. A dowel may have diameter tolerances of ± inches compared to the dowel pin's nominal size. This tolerance ensures that the dowel mates in either a loose-fit or press-fit fashion with its corresponding hole.

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