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Straight-cut router bits come with blades with three broad shapes: straight, down-spiral, and up-spiral. When should you use a spiral blade instead of a straight blade? When should you use an up-spiral instead of a down-spiral?

The main advantage of using straight bits seems to be that they are cheaper, and easier to re-sharpen. They are perfectly fine for a number of uses though, especially where finish isn't particularly important. This is because instead of the cutting edge hitting the timber all at Up Spiral Bit Vs Down Spiral Bit Zoom once as with a straight-fluted cutterthere is down spiral router bit review a single small point of contact between the cutter and the workpiece when edge-routing, and a more constant contact when slot-routing.

Consequently you get less "chatter" of the router during use. If you're using a CNC router then you can also typically use a faster feed speed when cutting with a spiral bit just because of the superior chip clearance and the lessened chatter. The chip clearance with an upcut bit also means that they're good for plunging into the centre of a workpiece if this is important to you.

Upcut bits give good chip clearance as they bring the chips up and out of a slotted cut, but they may cause the top cut surface to down spiral router bit review away more than a straight bit or a downcut bit.

If you're cutting a Down Cut Spiral Bit composite, laminated or veneered board in a situation where the top surface finish is important e. When using a downcut bit for partial-depth slotting i. If you're rrouter a board which is laminated on both sides, and you don't want either side to chip, you can actually get what's called a "compression cut" or up-down spiral blade where the lower part of the cutter is an upcut, and the upper part is a downcut, so chips are pushed towards the middle of the cutter.

This means that neither the top or bottom of a board will experience major chipping. There's an example of a compression bit here. For completeness, if you want to get really advanced then you can also get upcut, downcut and compression-cut bits with chip-breaking edges which look serrated and break the chips into very small chunks, which will give you super-fast cuts with little resistance.

With these cutters you'll see some lines from down spiral router bit review serrations, so they're typically only used for roughing or where surface finish isn't important. These are also available in compression-cut bits! If you look here you can see some of these bits scroll to near the bottom and look at down spiral router bit review "Tornado" cutter.

They're pretty advanced and not cheap, but if you're looking to do CNC routing of melamine-faced or ply boards at blistering speeds, then that's what you'll need. A bit outside the realms of what's used in the home-shop though!

The advantage of spiral router bits is that you do not "hammer" a blade into the reciew and pull it out again all the time, tearing and pulling wood out.

Instead, the router bit cuts down spiral router bit review continually down spiral router bit review going "in and out" of the grain, much like a blade that you pull smoothly through the material. You work with very little vibrations and get a very clean cut. Also you can "plunge" nicely. Lastly, the 3mm Slot Cutter Router Bit Review spiral transports the wood shavings away the "right" or "upcut" spiral, anywayfurther increasing precision, and down spiral router bit review reducing friction and burn.

Using a "upcut" spiral, you get more shavings in front of your vacuum's muzzle, and less in other places. Using a down spiral router bit review or "downcut" spiral, you can do a pulling cut, which is said to yield an extremely accurate upper edge but I haven't tried that one, I prefer the "upcut" spiral's ability to transport away the shavings.

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Straight-cut router bits come with blades with three broad shapes: straight, down-spiral, and up-spiral from left to right, straight blade, down-spiral blade, and up spiral blade, from amazon. Improve this question. FreeMan 3, 16 16 silver badges 33 down spiral router bit review bronze badges. Add a comment. Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. WhatEvil WhatEvil 3, 10 10 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges.

Down spiral router bit review should use spiral dowh bits whenever you canthat is: You do not need a diameter that is too large spiral router bits cannot have a diameter larger than the shaft, so you're limited to 12mm or so maximum. No ball bearing needed for guidance, usually spiral cutters don't have these though, rouer pointed out by Rob, you can find them.

You don't mind spending a few coins more. Damon Damon 3, 17 17 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. The common terms for the left and right spiral are downcut and upcut, which refers to the direction the shavings are pushed when using a handheld router as opposed to a table-mounted router.

Also, you can buy spiral bits with bearings. Ah OK, in Germany, these are "left" and "right" where "right" would be "upcut" pulling shavings out of the holethanks for the correction. I'm not aware of any spiral bits with bearings, and when asking for it, I was once told by a tool vendor that this isn't even possible.

If you can buy them with bearings, let me change that to "uncommon" then. Also you can buy spiral cutters where the cutter head is a larger diameter than regiew shaft: axminster. Revlew believe you can actually get reverse-rotation upcut and downcut bits, i. WhatEvil: Yes, I just saw such a thing if it's the same two days ago.

It was basically a downcut edge with an upcut spiral going over it. Needless to say that this bit was about twice as expensive as the others and it most probably isn't very resilient to breakage since there's a lot less material inside.

Never used such a thing, so can't say whether it's any rotuer In theory, it should have the advantages of both worlds. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Featured on Meta. Stack Overflow for Teams is now free for up to 50 users, forever. Linked 0. Related Hot Network Questions. Question feed.

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Nov 30,  · Down-cut Bits cut slower and push chips away from the router to eliminate top surface splintering. Use for pattern cutting or when going completely through the board as it allows clear vision of the cutting line. Ideal for fine finish work such as veneers, laminates, inlays and repairs because they prevent upper edge tear outs. Diablo’s Solid Carbide Down Spiral Router Bits are ideal for smooth, chip-free routing where chip removal is not a problem. They are designed for creating grooves and dadoes in single-sided veneers and laminates. Featuring TiCo carbide with titanium, these bits provide a /5(2). I put links to each Whiteside Router Bits RFTD 1/2-Inch Spiral Flush Trim Bit with /4-Inch Cutting Length reviews at Amazon page in the description, S.

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