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Rout the drawer front 1. Insert the bit securely in a table-mounted router and set the bit height so the top cutting edge is 3/8" above the table. Note: Use only in a table-mounted router at reduced RPMs. 2. To machine the door front, set the fence 3/8" back from the outermost cutting edge of the bit. Fig. 1. Note: As with other joinery bits, we recommend making testFile Size: KB. 1. In your router table, set the bit ¼" high, with the fence positioned so the centre of the stock lines up with the middle of the 45° portion of the bit. 2. Mill extra stock, the same thickness as your project stock use as test pieces for fine tuning your set-up. First, rout a . Drawer Front Setup 1. Use the JIG IT® set-up block to set both the router bit height and fence position. Fig. 1. Note: We recommend making test cuts on stock that’s the same thickness as your workpiece. Fine-tune your setup as indicated by the results of those cuts. 2. With the drawer front flat on the table, outside face up and the.

Nov 27,  · For our 2"-diameter bit, we cut Drawer Lock Router Bit Setup Example a 5⁄8 x2- 1⁄4 " dado in a scrap of 1⁄2 " medium-density fiberboard (MDF), then clamped it to the router table fence with the dado centered over the bit, as shown below. 2) Mount the drawer-lock bit in your table-mounted router, and set the top of the cutter so that it's 15⁄32 " above the www.- ted Reading Time: 3 mins. The cleverly-designed Drawer Lock Bit produces both pieces of the drawer joint using a single bit. Drawer fronts are formed horizontally, flat on the table surface. Then, without adjusting the bit height, the drawer side is routed with the work piece standing vertically. The result is a strong, efficient joint between the sides and front of a drawer. There are two methods, one for drawers made of 1/2" wood, which I am using, and one for drawers made of 1/4" stock.) First, the router bit is set to the depth of one quarter inch, which is half the thickness of your stock. Next, you set the fence so that the middle of .

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