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In this video tutorial, I will show you how to make a DIY Pocket Hole Jigs — simple Pocket Hole Jig — Making kreg pocket hole jig without using a. Карманная отвертка Дрель Набор направляющих для дюбелей Деревообработка Мастер столярных работ Набор Для плотницких работ. Спецификация: Материал: Алюминий.  1 x Дрель Руководство. 1 x Шаг Дрель Бит. 1 x Отвертка бит. Кондуктор Pocket-Hole Jig Pro - последняя инновация для соединений на косой шуруп и это лучший выбор для тех, кто хочет работать удобнее и быстрее, чем когда-либо. комплект включает док-станцию Kreg®, которая превращает Pocket-Hole Jig PRO в идеальную настольную рабочую станцию, увеличивающую точность и стабильность работы. кондуктор Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig был разработан, чтобы вывести ваши проекты на новый уровень с таким приспособлением, как зажим Automaxx ™, одним движением который автоматически зажимает заготовку толщиной от 13 до 38 мм. клещи автоматически регулируются для загото.

Posted on Published: February 8, Categories Tools. By: Author Sean. This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we earn a small percentage of each sale. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Looking for information about the new Kreg Jig Pro? This review will give you everything you need to know about the new feature tool from Kreg Tool. This post was sponsored by Kreg Toolwhich offers easy woodworking joinery and cutting solutions.

All opinions are our own and our opinion is that we love Kreg products. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Charleston Crafted possible!

We are huge fans of Kreg Tool products for drill master pocket hole jig guide and joining. This Kreg Jig Pro review will give you all the information you need to know about the new tool, its uses, the best parts drill master pocket hole jig guide it, and where you can get it. Check out our other reviews on all the brand new Kreg Tool products! The Pro is unlike the previous iterations of the Kreg K4 and Kreg K5 and uses completely different technology.

Previously, you manually adjusted a screw to adjust for the thickness of your material when clamping your Kreg K4 and K5. This makes it much easier to get a precise clamp and drill on your wood.

The Kreg Jig Pro is used for all woodworking projects, just as their joinery systems have always been used. Jg using pocket hole joinery range anywhere from platform beds to coffee tables to plant stands to side tables.

Using the Kreg Pro is simple. It no longer requires twisting different knobs and screws to adjust for material thickness. Pcket use the Kreg Pro, you adjust the jig to the thickness of the material you jog by squeezing drill master pocket hole jig guide sliders and moving them to the thickness of your material. The drill collar wrench allows for you to adjust the stop collar on the drill attachment to set your workpiece thickness.

When the thickness is set, you place your wood piece against the anti-slip backing and press down on the clamp. The drill guide block will slide down into place until it comes drill master pocket hole jig guide contact with the wood. Once it does, the Automaxx clamp does the rest and locks into place. One handed clamping to the maxx. Once your wood is in place, use the drill bit to drill through the drill guides and make your accurate holes.

After your holes are drilled, switch out the drill bit on your drill for the square head driver and use the appropriate size screws to connect your wood pieces together. The Kreg Pro comes with a docking station and a jig clamp that the does not include.

The docking station that ;ocket with the Pro model is for clipping to the sides of the jig to give you more accurate leveling on your wood if using a long piece. The pros of the Kreg Drill master pocket hole jig guide Pro are everywhere. The main pro compared to the old K4 and K5 models is the Automaxx clamping. Thanks to the automatic clamping pressure adjustment of theit makes it simple to alternate your workpieces, even if different thickness.

Another great feature is on-board storage for the drill bit, driver and thickness gauge. All of these items snap into the base of the Pro for easy storage. The drill guide slides on and off ijg you need to swap in the Plug Cutter or the Micro Drill Guide, making it super easy. The Pro also naster very sturdy. The storage of the Pro is a little cumbersome because the box it comes in is fairly large and there are multiple pieces if you include the docking stations. However, the docking stations actually are storage bins that can be opened to store screws, the base clamp or whatever you need.

The only thing you have to do to assemble the Kreg Pro is to attach the docking stations when you need them. The jig itself comes fully set up and functional. The Kreg Pro and all the other tools in their new line of tools can be found together.

They are drill master pocket hole jig guide on Amster and at KregTool. Check out our video Kreg Jig Pro review to see all the features up close. This video will give you a better look at how the features we discussed in this review actually work.

You can build this platform bed in just a day. If you want to build a platform bed for a twin, queen or king mattress, you can use the ddill instructions, but you'll need to scale them appropriately. This angled leg bench works for a dining table or in an entryway. It can work with any style of home from modern to farmhouse! This front facing bookshelf or magazine rack allows the cover of a book to be seen instead of the spine. Perfect for small kids and toddlers!

This dining table is light bright and beachy with an interesting drilp base. All made with our Kreg Jig, of course! This nightstand is the perfect bedside table - and it has a drill master pocket hole jig guide for hidden storage! Scared to build a drawer? Don't be with our easy picket This modern step stool has clean lines. It's perfect drill master pocket hole jig guide helping kids wash their hands or giving anyone an extra two steps up! This cheeseboard is perfect for serving snacks at parties - and is easily customizable to fit exactly over your kitchen table or island.

This over the arm cupholder is a super quick and super useful build. Love plants? You'll love how easy it is to build this wooden plant stand. The house shape gives it some whimsy, too! This entryway closet system was a major upgrade from the single wire shelf here before it - and it was all assembled using our Kreg Jig!

A DIY mid century modern side table will add a beautiful aesthetic to your room and provide great functionality. This DIY coastal console table is perfect for any bedroom, entryway or even behind a couch. Sturdy construction holds up well to heavy items like luggage, but also has an airy open feel when there's nothing on it. Customizable for color and height and the perfect project srill you. Make a safe space for your baby or toddler with this DIY baby playpen.

Using sturdy construction, you'll create a customizable playpen to fit your needs. This playpen can be created bigger or can add two more sides if you aren't connecting it to a wall.

These shelf brackets are very sturdy and a great option if you want DIY brackets! We used 3 to hold up 1 10 foot shelf. Want to create a wooden tabletop from a variety of boards? Here is an easy way to use a Kreg Jig to make a a tabletop! Have a toddler? They will love this climbing arch - that can be flipped to double as a rocker!

The whole thing is strong thanks to Kreg pocket holes and wood glue. This drill master pocket hole jig guide bench has a built in planter and trellis, for a perfect multipurpose outdoor furniture piece. Need to store and display some small plants?

This is a great scrap wood project that is perfect for any tabletop or even a windowsill! This kid's workbench is a huge hit for toddlers and kiddos who love to bang toys!

Drill master pocket hole jig guide cabinet underneath is our son's favorite part! Check out this fun tutorial for how to build a DIY whimsical tree shaped bookshelf using a Kreg Jig to connect guidee branches. Privacy Policy. This two tiered wooden tray is perfect for holiday displays or holding your every day produce!

This chair-shaped plant stand is the Drill Master Portable Pocket Hole Jig Kit Mac perfect welcoming addition to your front porch or patio! This wooden shoe tower is perfect for organizing a small entryway. This coffee table has beautiful clean lines and is a cinch to build thanks to the Kreg Jig. This slim desk has a drawer and two shelves, perfect for work from home!

Ddrill shower stool is a super simple build and the perfect place to sit or shave in hloe shower! Love being outside? You'll love this simple to build rolling grill cart! Merry Christmas! It's easy to hang stockings with care thanks to this wooden stocking holder. Baby on the way? Flex your woodworking skills with this DIY modern wooden baby crib. This wooden stool is a really easy build, and perfect for a vanity or to rest your feet on.

This watch stand is super easy to build and is perfect for keeping accessories organized. Gotta put your feet up?

Feb 08,  · Kreg Pocket Hole Jig Pro. The Kreg Pro is Kreg Tool’s newest innovation in pocket hole joinery. It’s their new top-of-the-line pocket hole jig. The Kreg Pro and are now the feature pocket hole jigs from Kreg as they are discontinuing the Kreg K5 and Kreg K5 Master System. Let’s get into the details about the Pro. The Jig ’s dual guides are easy for DIYers new to pocket hole jigs but versatile enough to handle most pocket hole needs. Accessories include a drill guide spacer, drive bit, stop collar. I can drill a pocket hole roughly every 7 seconds when the jig is secured in the Jaw-Stand. I also have the Kreg Foreman, and it is significantly faster (hole every 3 seconds. If you are making a lot of cabinets that need pocket screws, the foreman will pay for itself in very short order but it is much bulkier and requires A/C power.

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