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Exotic Knife Blanks Online. No Minimum Order. Click on Pics to Enlarge: How can I reduce my Shipping Charges (click here) All of our knife-handle blanks are sold as individual pieces. AFRICAN BLACKWOOD: Maple Knife Scales Llc BLACK PALM: BLACK EBONY (GABON) BIRDSEYE MAPLE: ONLINE SALE AfrBlab Select " x " x 6" 1 lb. 0 in stock $ each Now $BP-Knife. Knife-Handle Blanks. MacEb-Knife 1" x " x 5".5 lbs. 0 in stock $ each. MAC-CR Photo 1: MAC-CR" x " x 15" lbs. SOLD (unique Narex Marking Knife Canada Video piece) $MacEb " x " x 12" lbs. 33 in stock $ each: MACASSAR EBONY BLANKS AIR DRIED - WAXED: MacEb " x " x 19+" lbs. 14 in stock $ each: MacEb " x Woodcraft has brought together the most exceptional stock of domestic and exotic hardwood knife scale blanks–1" thick solid stock or matching 3/8" pieces. Each piece was selected for its striking figure and milled to sizes that make the knife making process easy and efficient with minimal waste.4/5.

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