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В ролях: Рудольф Грэй, Тим Бёртон, Джонни Депп и др. Эдвард Вуд (Джонни Депп) - реальная и, наверное, одна из самых одиозных фигур в Голливуде. Начав карьеру в е годы, Вуд позже становится своеобразным классиком по производству низкобюджетных фильмов ужасов. Через два года после смерти () Эд Вуд был признан самым худшим режиссером за всю историю Голливуда, что сразу прибавило поклонников его фильмам. Однако, фильм Бертона - это не только биография режиссера, это фильм о магии кино и одновременно дань уважения великим мастерам киноэкрана: Бела Лугоши, Орсону Уэллсу и многим другим. " Ed Wood" скачать бесплатно. Электронная библиотека. Поиск книг BookFi | BookSee - Download books for free. Find books. Ed Wood Abduction. Plan 9 from outer space. By eljescer. Watch. 1 Favourite. 0 Comments. 13 Views. cultfilm edwood plan9fromouterspace abducted abduction aliencreature alienzombie films penandinkdrawing ufo zombies pentelbrushpen inktober Harper states: "But one thing's sure. Wood billed himself under a number of different pseudonyms, including Ann Gora in reference to Angoraed wood plan 9 pdf favorite female textile and Akdov Telmig the backwards form of his favorite drink, the vodka gimlet. Bigtop Cairo. Real Time in a Real Operating System [21]. The aliens return to their Space Station 7. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

Eros' ray hits the old man and his body rapidly decomposes. Edwards, the Trents, and the police immediately drive to the cemetery. John Harper insists on leaving Paula in the car, but she refuses to stay alone, so Kelton stays with her.

Eros and fellow alien Tanna send the undead Clay to kidnap Paula and lure the other three humans to the saucer. Seeing the saucer's glow in the distance, Trent and the police head toward it. At the car, Clay knocks out Kelton. Later, when he awakens, he calls for help and Patrolman Larry responds. Eros lets Trent and the police enter the saucer with their pistols drawn. He informs them that human weapons development will inevitably lead to the discovery of "Solaronite", a substance that has the effect of exploding "sunlight molecules".

Such an explosion would set off an uncontrollable chain reaction , destroying the entire universe. Eros now believes humans are too immature and stupid "You see? You see? Your stupid minds. He threatens to kill Paula if Trent and the police try to force him to go with them. Officers Kelton and Larry arrive and see the undead Clay holding the unconscious Paula near the saucer.

Realizing that their weapons are useless, they sneak up behind Clay and club him with a length of wood, knocking him out. Eros sees this and says Clay's controlling ray has been shut off, which released Paula. A fight breaks out between Eros and Jeff, but the saucer's equipment is badly damaged during the struggle, starting a fire.

The humans make their escape, and Tanna and the now unconscious Eros fly away. The fire, burning out of control now, consumes the whole saucer, and it finally explodes, killing them both.

The risen undead quickly decompose to skeletal remains inside their clothing. The film combines elements of science fiction, Atompunk , and gothic horror. Science fiction remained popular throughout the s, though the genre had experienced significant changes in the post-war period.

The Atomic Age , heralded by the development of nuclear weapons and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki , had inspired science fiction films to deal with the dangers of unrestricted science, while space flight and the existence of extraterrestrial life and civilizations more "traditional" elements of the genre , seemed to hold new fascination for audiences at the beginning of the Space Race. On the other hand, Gothic fiction had enjoyed the height of its film popularity during the s and s.

It was in decline by the s and was viewed as old-fashioned. By s standards, the combination of dated and modern elements gives the film a rather anachronistic quality.

Plan 9 ' s script seems to aim at being an epic film , a genre typically requiring a big budget from a major film studio. That Ed Wood made it with minimal financial resources underscores one of the qualities of his work: His ideas tended to be too expensive to film, yet he tried to film them anyway. As Rob Craig argues, Wood's failed efforts give the film a peculiar charm.

Craig finds that Plan 9 has much in common with both epic theatre "grand melodrama on a minuscule budget" and the Theatre of the Absurd characters acting as buffoons, nonsense, and verbosity in dialogue, dream-like and fantasy imagery, hints of allegory, and a narrative structure where continuity is consistently undermined. The film opens with an introduction by Wood's friend, psychic Criswell : "Greetings my friends!

We are all interested in the future, For that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives! This line appears in the narration for the General Motors ' "Futurama" ride and its accompanying film, To New Horizons , that were part of the New York World's Fair —years before Criswell's own television program. The introduction could be an allusion to the opening lines of his show a Criswell Predicts title card appears at the start of the scene , but since no episodes of the television show are known to survive, a comparison is impossible.

Craig suggests that Criswell's public persona was based on the style of a charismatic preacher, perhaps influenced by early televangelists.

Criswell addresses the viewers repeatedly as "my friends," as if attempting to establish a bond between the speaker and the audience.

The line likely derives from his show, and would not be out of place in a segment where a televangelist addresses his congregation. Another phrase of the introduction, "Future events such as these will affect you in the future", served as a signature line for Criswell. He used it repeatedly in his newspaper and magazine columns, and probably his show as well. Another line asserts that the audience is interested in "the unknown, the mysterious, the unexplainable," probably assuming that the film's audience will have a fascination with the paranormal.

The narrator starts claiming that "we" the filmmakers are bringing to light the full story and evidence of fateful events, based on the "secret testimony" of the survivors.

The narration seems to emulate the style of sensational headlines in tabloid newspapers, and promises audiences access to "lurid secrets" as if following the example of True Confessions and similar scandal magazines. The notion that a film or show could be based on true incidents and testimony would be familiar to a s audience, because it was used in contemporary police procedurals such as Dragnet. Changing the tone, Criswell delivers the sermon-like lines: "Let us punish the guilty!

Let us reward the innocent! The introduction concludes with the dramatic question: "Can your heart stand the shocking facts about graverobbers from outer space"? The latter phrase was simply the original title of the film, but the rest of the line again seems to emulate the sensationalist press.

The film's afterword , also narrated by Criswell and delivered in an identical tone to the film's introduction, provides the audience with a challenge " Can you prove it didn't happen"? Through Trent's initial conversation with his wife, the film introduces the notion of a government and military conspiracy to cover up information on documented UFO sightings.

This notion was clearly influenced by the emergence and increased popularity of a UFO conspiracy theory. The implications concerning the public's distrust of the government were however atypical for a s American film. Anti-statist ideas were to become more popular in the s, which is when the subject became "safe" for mainstream cinema.

The film contains a cautionary message from the aliens. The earliest use of this concept in film was probably in The Day the Earth Stood Still , and it had since seen frequent use in science-fiction films.

The idea was that humanity's self-destructive behavior was the real threat, not any external source of danger. The "iconic" flying saucers seen in the film have been variously identified as paper plates or hubcaps.

However, according to the documentary Flying Saucers Over Hollywood, The Plan 9 Companion , they were actually a recognizable plastic model produced in by toy manufacturer Paul Lindberg and his Lindberg Line kit company. This flying saucer was the first all-plastic science fiction model kit produced and roughly matched the popular image of UFOs of the era: "a silver disk-shaped craft with a clear dome on top". Inside the kit's clear plastic dome was a little green alien figure , not used in the film's all-silver UFOs.

Both regular versions of the assembled model and a modified version appear in Plan 9 scenes. Footage of Los Angeles is used to ground the otherworldly events to a realistic setting. As a resident, Wood was likely familiar with the locations. The scene where the military fires at the flying saucers is actual military stock footage.

The Rev. Lynn Lemon, who plays an unnamed minister, was one of the Baptists variously involved in the production of the film. Edward Reynolds was a leader of the Southern Baptist Convention in Beverly Hills, California , and Hugh Thomas was one of his associates from the church; both play gravediggers, while Reynolds was also the executive producer of the film.

At the time of the film's creation, David De Mering was the personal secretary and alleged lover of fellow cast member Bunny Breckinridge ; his inclusion in the cast was probably a result of this association. She recalled insisting that her part be silent, as she did not like the dialogue that Wood had written for her. This recollection might be inaccurate, since the undead of this film are generally mute. She contributed to the film a "regal presence" and theatrical mannerisms.

Her performance is reminiscent of a silent film actress; she credited Theda Bara as her main influence. The male alien Eros is apparently named after Eros , Greek god of love. Craig suggests that the female alien's name, Tanna, invokes the name of another Greek deity: Thanatos , god of death. The same map appears in Baghdad After Midnight , which was also filmed at Quality Studios; it was probably an available Quality Studios background prop.

These scenes featured Lugosi weeping at a funeral, walking in front of Tor Johnson's house during daytime, walking in and out of the Johnson home's side door at nighttime, and finally a daylight scene, on a patch of highway, with Lugosi stalking towards the camera and dramatically spreading his Dracula cape before furling it around himself, then walking back the way he came.

According to the documentary Flying Saucers : The "Plan 9" Companion , these shots were all improvised. Only the first two sequences had reached any level of completion. When Lugosi died, Wood was forced to shelve the projects.

Shortly after Lugosi's death, the story and screenplay for Grave Robbers from Outer Space were written and finalized, with Wood planning to use the unconnected, unrelated Lugosi footage as a means of putting a known credit on the film.

Wood also used the Lugosi footage as a means of attracting actors to the picture, gaining the interest of Gregory Walcott and Maila Nurmi, among others, by telling them he was making "Bela Lugosi's last movie". Though Wood's actions were driven in part by the desire to give his film a "star name" and attract horror fans, he meant the Lugosi cameo as a loving farewell and tribute to the actor, who had become a close friend.

Wood hired his wife's chiropractor Tom Mason as a stand-in for Lugosi, although Mason was taller than Lugosi and bore no resemblance to him, [9] making him one of the earliest known " fake Shemps ". Narration Easy Woodworking Plans Pdf Android from Criswell was also employed in an attempt to better link the Lugosi footage to the rest of Plan 9. The theatrical cut of the film utilized every last scrap of material Wood had of Lugosi, including minor sprocket discolorations, film trims that would in a normal film be discarded as unusable.

Cuts of Plan 9 on VHS during the '80s and '90s, the majority of which were unauthorized bootleg dupes, varied drastically in both quality and the amount of Lugosi footage retained.

Coincidentally, further Lugosi footage that Wood had shot at an unspecified pre date was to have been the basis of a Woodworking Bench Plans Pdf 3d second, posthumous, feature film, Ghouls of the Moon , for the horror legend. This footage had been shot on volatile film stock, however, and had subsequently dissolved into a toxic-smelling sludge by the time Wood returned to the project in the summer of Free Simple Woodworking Plans Pdf Chrome Therefore, Ghouls of the Moon was completely abandoned.

Mystery surrounds the content and nature of the lost material, described only as "wild" by a friend of Wood's, who had watched the raw footage shortly after it was shot.

Another year elapsed before Distributors Corporation of America DCA picked up the film and copyrighted it, [ citation needed ] intending to distribute it during the spring of By then it had been re-titled Plan 9 from Outer Space. The film's name had concerned its backers, two local Baptist ministers, who objected to the "Grave Robbers" part of the title.

They reportedly considered the direct reference to grave robbing to be sacrilegious , so Wood changed the title to "Plan 9". The original title is mentioned at the end of Criswell's opening narration when he asks the audience, "Can your heart stand the shocking facts about grave robbers from outer space?

The new title, however, was less indicative of the film's content and may Woodworking Projects And Plans Pdf have contributed to its distribution problems. Plan 9 was screened as part of a double feature at various times. Later that year, it was used as a "co-feature" B movie for double-feature screenings of The Trap , a film noir starring Richard Widmark. Plan 9 from Outer Space gained notoriety through the Medveds' book because of its multiple continuity problems.

During the first aircraft cockpit scene, the first officer is visibly reading from a script in his lap, and a flash of light from a flying saucer reveals the boom microphone 's shadow. Zahler used stock recordings of works by about a dozen composers, which was a fairly common procedure in the s for scoring low-budget films and television programs. However, Zahler apparently never provided a reliable accounting for the score.

Legend had auctioned off the opportunity to insert new material into the film through two auctions on eBay. The first allowed the auction winner to provide a photograph that is digitally inserted into part of the scene between the Ghoul Man and Paula Trent. The second allowed the winner to have his or her name placed on a gravestone during a scene with Wood regular Tor Johnson. The third alteration is at a point where Eros gets punched and his skin briefly turns green.

The Legend Films colorized release was screened in Atlanta, Georgia at the Plaza Theatre on September 9, , and was hosted live by Elvira impersonator Patterson Lundquist with a live running commentary. As a part of the promotion sets of the autographed Michael J. Nelson DVD were given away as prizes. The event was featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and served as the grand re-opening of the theater, which had fallen on hard times under previous ownership.

Autographed pre-release copies of the DVD were made available in , and the colorized version was also given special theatrical screenings at various theaters throughout the United States , including the Castro Theatre. Nelson of Mystery Science Theater fame, in which he heckles, or "riffs" the film in a style similar to an episode of the series, a restored black-and-white version of Plan 9 , a home video of Wood in drag performing a striptease Wood, in real life, was a transvestite , a subtitled information track and a comedic feature narrated by Nelson detailing the "lost" Plans 1—8.

The autographed edition also came with a limited edition air freshener. The documentary visits several locations related to the film, including the building with Ed Wood's former office at Hollywood Blvd , and what was left of the small sound stage used for the film's interiors, which is down a small alley next to the Harvey Apartments located at Santa Monica Boulevard.

Wood, Jr. Grey notes that participants in the original events sometimes contradict one another, but he relates each person's recollections for posterity, regardless. In another documentary by Kevin Sean Michaels , titled Vampira: The Movie , chronicled Maila Nurmi 's work with Wood and her role as television's first horror host.

To date there have been only a handful of good quality or restored DVDs and Blu-rays. All feature the Flying Saucers Over Hollywood documentary and the original theatrical trailer. No home video release has featured the film's original theatrical aspect ratio. Plan 9 was composed and shot for the 1. As unskilled a filmmaker as he was, Ed Wood never intended for his film to be seen in a 1.

This has led to various boom mics and edges of props, etc. Further complicating the matter, Wood incorporated stock footage framed in 1. The puppets acted out the scenes along with the edited soundtrack of the original film.

Another remake was released by Darkstone Entertainment, written and directed by John Johnson. The teaser trailer was released on the film's official website on September 9, Lobo , Brian Krause and internet celebrities Matt Sloan, Aaron Yonda , James Rolfe and Monique Dupree performed in the film, [32] which was released through video-on-demand beginning February 16, , [33] and then released on physical media in stores on January 5, Plan 9 from Outer Space is considered by some critics, including Michael Medved , to be the worst film in the history of cinema.

The plumber provides an inter-process communication mechanism which allows system-wide hyperlinking. Sam and acme are Plan 9's text editors. The last was designed at Bell Labs specifically for Plan 9 and provides snapshot storage capability.

It can be used directly with a hard drive or backed with Venti , an archival file system and permanent data storage system. The distribution package for Plan 9 includes special compiler variants and programming languages, and provides a tailored set of libraries along with a windowing user interface system specific to Plan 9. The compilers for this language were custom built with portability in mind; according to their author, they "compile quickly, load slowly, and produce medium quality object code".

A concurrent programming language called Alef was available in the first two editions, but was then dropped for maintenance reasons and replaced by a threading library for C.

Though Plan 9 was supposed to be a further development of Unix concepts, compatibility with preexisting Unix software was never the goal for the project. Many command-line utilities of Plan 9 share the names of Unix counterparts, but work differently. APE's authors claim to have used it to port the X Window System X11 to Plan 9, although they do not ship X11 "because supporting it properly is too big a job".

In , Plan 9's designers compared their system to other early nineties operating systems in terms of size, showing that the source code for a minimal "working, albeit not very useful" version was less than one-fifth the size of a Mach microkernel without any device drivers or lines of code for Plan 9, depending on metric, vs. The complete kernel comprised lines of code. Within the operating systems research community, as well as the commercial Unix world, other attempts at achieving distributed computing and remote filesystem access were made concurrently with the Plan 9 design effort.

Sprite developer Brent Welch points out that the SunOS vnode architecture is limited compared to Plan 9's capabilities in that it does not support remote device access and remote inter-process communication cleanly, even though it could have, had the preexisting UNIX domain sockets which "can essentially be used to name user-level servers" been integrated with the vnode architecture.

One critique of the "everything is a file", communication-by-textual-message design of Plan 9 pointed out limitations of this paradigm compared to the typed interfaces of Sun's object-oriented operating system , Spring :. Plan 9 constrains everything to look like a file. In most cases the real interface type comprises the protocol of messages that must be written to, and read from, a file descriptor.

This is difficult to specify and document, and prohibits any automatic type checking at all, except for file errors at run time. Binding a name to an object can only be done by giving an existing name for the object, in the same context as the new name.

As such, interface references simply cannot be passed between processes, much less across networks. Instead, communication has to rely on conventions, which are prone to error and do not scale.

A later retrospective comparison of Plan 9, Sprite and a third contemporary distributed research operating system, Amoeba , found that. Such systems suffer from the radical departure from the UNIX model, which also discourages portability of already existing software to the platform The lack of developers, the very small range of supported hardware and the small, even compared to Plan 9, user base have also significantly slowed the adoption of those systems In retrospect, Plan 9 was the only research distributed OS from that time which managed to attract developers and be used in commercial projects long enough to warrant its survival to this day.

Plan 9 demonstrated that an integral concept of Unix—that every system interface could be represented as a set of files—could be successfully implemented in a modern distributed system. Unix-like operating systems such as Linux have implemented 9P, Plan 9's file system, and have adopted features of rfork , Plan 9's process creation mechanism.

Several projects seek to replace the GNU operating system programs surrounding the Linux kernel with the Plan 9 operating system programs. However, Plan 9 has never approached Unix in popularity, and has been primarily a research tool:. Compared to Plan 9, Unix creaks and clanks and has obvious rust spots, but it gets the job done well enough to hold its position. There is a lesson here for ambitious system architects: the most dangerous enemy of a better solution is an existing codebase that is just good enough.

Other factors that contributed to low adoption of Plan 9 include the lack of commercial backup, the low number of end-user applications, and the lack of device drivers. Plan 9 proponents and developers claim that the problems hindering its adoption have been solved, that its original goals as a distributed system, development environment, and research platform have been met, and that it enjoys moderate but growing popularity.

Several projects work to extend Plan 9, including 9atom and 9front. These forks augment Plan 9 with additional hardware drivers and software, including an improved version of the Upas e-mail system, the Go compiler, Mercurial version control system support, and other programs.

Many of the command line tools in Inferno were Plan 9 tools that were translated to Limbo. Starting with the release of Fourth edition on April , [13] the full source code of Plan 9 from Bell Labs is freely available under Lucent Public License 1.

In February , the University of California, Berkeley , was authorized by the current Plan 9 copyright holder — Alcatel-Lucent — to release all Plan 9 software previously governed by the Lucent Public License, Version 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Distributed operating system. Plan 9 from Bell Labs is like the Quakers : distinguished by its stress on the 'Inner Light,' noted for simplicity of life, in particular for plainness of speech.

Like the Quakers, Plan 9 does not proselytize. Main article: 9P protocol. Main article: procfs. Further information: List of Plan 9 applications. Raymond [6]. Free and open-source software portal. Retrieved Bell Labs. Archived from the original on Sat Jan 10 EST Lucent Technologies. ISBN Bell Labs 2nd ed. In Herbert, Andrew J. Computer systems: theory, technology, and applications: a tribute to Roger Needham.

Library Hi Tech. MCB UP. Plan 9, A Distributed System. Spring EurOpen Conference. CiteSeerX Computing Systems. Lay summary PDF. Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Archived from the original PDF on Union Mounts in 4. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. CJKV information processing. O'Reilly Media. The Setup. Uses this. Open source software law. Artech House. ISSN Retrieved 8 March Vx Lightweight, User-level Sandboxing on the x University of Cambridge. Plan 9—an integrated approach to grid computing. Gentoo Linux.

Traditional systems can work well for pervasive applications.

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