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HealthyHandyman is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more. The tape measure is one of those tools that have been around for many years with very little modifications.

However, modern technology has made it possible to upgrade even a tool as simple as the tape measure in powerful ways. Lasers can measure further and straighter than you ever could hope to with tape, and there are hape retraction nightmares. The digital screen is easier to read than tape, and it can store your measurements as well as perform calculations.

Continue reading while we discuss laser distance, modes, tape quality, durability, and more to help you make an informed purchase. One button operation will get you the measurements, etape digital tape measure uk year it works in real-time, so it will continuously measure as you move.

You can store up to 10 measurements for easy recall later, and automatic square calculation technology, and you can also add etape digital tape measure uk year subtract measurements right in the display. We enjoyed reviewing this digital tape measure and found it to be extremely accurate. The only thing we could complain about is that the fractions are a bit small and hard to read.

It features both a laser and old-fashion tape. The main downside etape digital tape measure uk year the General Tools LTM1 is that the display is upside down from the way you use it, so you must flip it around to etape digital tape measure uk year it.

It uses very little power and can take up to measurements before you need to change the batteries, and it can read distance up to feet. The backlit display is easy to read, and continuous measurements allow for real-time readings. There are more modes and options available via Bluetooth and a compatible smartphone app. The eTape16 ET There is no laser built-in to this device.

Measur large display is easy to read, and it can hold the latest measurement in its memory short term or long term. Finally, some of the cells burnt out in our display, which made it hard to read.

The Tacklife HD60 Kk Laser Measure features a foot range thanks to its class 2 laser, and it should be more than enough for measurements around the house. The downside to the Tacklife is that it can be inaccurate, especially at greater distances and brightly lit rooms.

The DTAPE Laser Tape Measure features a long-lasting and rechargeable lithium battery, so you never need to worry about purchasing replacements or losing power in the middle of a hape.

You can also switch between inches, etape digital tape measure uk year, and feet at the press of a button. Auto shutoff protects battery life, and a belt clip makes it easy to keep with you. Meterk Laser Tape Measure.

It features a rechargeable battery and can take up to measurements on a single charge. The tape measures out to 16 feet and is one of the more readable tapes on this list. The case is also very flimsy made, and a single drop can easily break or crack it.

Te MulWark MLK Digital Tape Measure helps you read the readings on the tape measure more easily by displaying the measurement currently on the tape. It can also store the measurement in one of two long term memories, and it can perform multiple calculations, including auto midpoint calculation, and inch, centimeter, feet conversion.

Straightening etape digital tape measure uk year these problems is time-consuming and can lengthen your workday quite a bit. It is strictly a tape measure. This model features a foot tape measure, a foot laser measure, and a degree cross line laser etape digital tape measure uk year for making sure your laser is straight and taking the most accurate measurement possible.

It uses a Class 2 laser and can store up to 20 measurements in its memory. It features multiple measurement modes, including continuous scan, distance addition and subtraction, area, volume, Pythagorean, and Double-Pythagorean mode. It has a durable, heavy-duty construction that can take a fall and an easy to read backlit LCD.

Its ergonomic design is comfortable to hold, and the buttons are easy to press. If we rested the unit on a shelf and took five measurements, each one would result in a different reading, and none would be correct. We could only get our readings in metric, though this could have been due to the instructions, and the hape was keasure to close once you etape digital tape measure uk year the batteries in.

Digital tape measures that have an onboard laser usually use a Class 2 laser to measure distance up to feet. Internal mechanisms use time of reflections to determine the distance, and etape digital tape measure uk year quality of the internal mechanism will determine accuracy. The user reads the result on a digital display. Non-laser digital tape measures are not that different from a standard tape measure.

You take your measurement using tape as you ordinarily would, and the internal mechanism knows what the reading on the tape is and presents taoe to you via a digital display. The readout is often much easier to read than the tape, and it can also perform calculations and conversions right inside the device. These devices still etape digital tape measure uk year measufe to measure like normal, but they can dramatically speed up your work time.

However, there are still other things that affect laser accuracy, including sunlight, fog, smoke, and even dust.

Sunlight is the biggest factor fape the Class 2 laser is no match for the bright sun, and it can often cause the laser to malfunction. Humidity um the next big factor that can bend the laser, causing miscalculations. Both laser and non-laser digital tape measures can Etape Digital Tape Measure Map perform calculations based on the measurements you take.

You can usually find the area and volume of a room, as well as several other important calculations like Pythagoras and double Pythagoras. When ddigital a digital tape measure, the difital is one of the most important parts.

You need to be able to read the measurements it provides, and you also need to be able to change modes and take measurements easily without struggling with buttons or complex menu systems. Displays that have backlighting are often the easiest to read and can be used even in low light conditions.

This inexpensive digital tape measure can use a laser to detect distance up to 50 feet and also has a built-in tape measure for quick and easy close-range measurements. Vertical panel saws are designed to make your life easier by making cutting boards down to size a fast and straightforward process.

In theory, shopping. Adam Harris Last updated: September 29, Check Latest Price. Fractions are hard to read. Upside down display Hard to read. Bluetooth needs work Expensive. Easy to read display Durable Standard to metric conversion Hold feature.

Not always accurate Cells burn out on the display No laser. Can be inaccurate Slow Hard to read display. Laser beam not straight Not durable. Easy to read tape and screen Backlit display Two long term memories Multiple calculation modes Long battery life.

Not always accurate Ratings only in metric Hard to read instructions Hard to close back. Meterk Laser Tape Measure 9. Adam Harris. Hi there! My name is Adam and I write for HealthyHandyman. I have a great passion for writing about everything related to tools, home improvement, and DIY. In my spare time, I'm either fishing, playing the guitar, or spending quality time with my beloved wife.

You'll also often find me in my workshop working on some new project! Popular Posts. How to Digital Tape Measure With Memory Test Find a Local Handyman. Who Invented the Etape digital tape measure uk year Wrench? Pressure Washer vs. Related posts. Best Products. Dean Eby. Other categories. Project ideas. All rights reserved. Disclaimer About us. Contact Privacy etape digital tape measure uk year. Follow ,easure. Best Overall.

Easy to use Compact size Real-time measurement. Best Value. General Tools 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure. Premium Choice. Bluetooth compatible Multiple modes Compact size. Easy to read display Durable Standard to metric conversion. Higher accuracy Compact size Includes carrying case.

Feb 26,  · Technology meets the tape measure with the brilliant eTape 16, perfect for everyone s toolbox and a great gift this season for the keen DIY-er in your life. Measuring made easy – there will be no more jotting down guesstimates or reaching for scraps of paper with the eTape’s digital screen, which can measure inside or outside dimensions /5(15). Digital Tape Measure. Tape measures have served mankind well over the years, but they have evolved surprisingly little over the past century. Now we have finally have one worthy of the modern age. www.- %. Bosch Professional GLM 40 Digital Laser Measure (measuring . eTape16 ETDB-RP Digital Tape Measure www.- Price: £ (as of 03/03/ PST- Details) Product prices and availability are accurate as .

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