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· How to repair european cabinet hinge on particle board My son somehow managed to break off the hinge from the particle board on our cabinets and I'm not sure how to go about fixing it. A large chunk of the particle board is missing where both screws go into in for the european cabinets. kitchen cabinets, underside particle board disintegrating - ideas for repair??  European hinges, also known as Euro, Blum, or Grass hinges, are modern high-tech hinges used on cabinets. They usually have a hinge and a mounting plate and are designed to be concealed and out of view when the cabinet is closed. They give your cabinets a sleek, modern look and allow the cabinet door to rest flush against the frame of the cabinet. A: Hinges come in a bewildering array of types, European Style Cabinet Hinges Quart even among European styles found on most modern cabinets, including yours. These are also called millimeter hinges, because one end has a cup that fits into a circular hole that’s usually 35 millimeters in diameter cut into the back of the door. The other end of the hinge slides into or is attached to a mounting plate screwed to the cabinet box — or, in the case of bifold doors, to the door hinged directly to the cabinet.  Bifold hinges can be especially puzzling. If the company from which you bought the cabinets comes to your house again to fix the problem, ask the repair person to explain how the hinges adjust, and take notes. Two enemies of outdoor wooden sculptures: Rain and sun. Repairing Cabinet Surfaces Fixing Cabinet Doors Cabinet Drawer Repairs. Cabinets are the core of kitchens and bathroom, essential European Style Cabinet Hinges Zoom to both the form and function of these rooms. They provide critical storage and are the major contributors to style and beauty.  Most European-style hinges have built-in adjustment set-ups, and there are several types. One has a single screw connecting the two halves of the hinge. Loosen this screw slightly and you can reposition the door vertically or horizontally, then re-tighten. ©Don Vandervort, HomeTips. With a European-style hinges, adjustments are easy with the turn of a screw. Another type of hinge has a sliding bar with a set-screw for horizontal adjustments and a separate set-screw for vertical adjustments.

Nov 02,  · First, determine what kind of hinge is installed on your cabinet. A traditional hinge has two flat plates and may be partially or fully visible. To adjust this type of hinge, loosen the correct screws and push the entire hinge plate in the correct direction before tightening the screw again. Aug 07,  · The instructions will show you the correct distance from the front edge of the cabinet to the screw line. Draw screw lines inside the cabinet. Attach the mounting plates to the hinges. Place the cabinet on its side, then butt the door to the cabinet. Find listings related to Blum Cabinet Hinges in Sacramento on www.- See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Blum Cabinet Hinges locations in Sacramento, CA.

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