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Posted on February 8th, Real people getting wooworking answers on building fine furniture from inexpensive materials. Hard to sulply Even experienced woodworkers are often surprised fine woodworking lumber supply key I tell them that the kind of spruce, pine or fir cheap lumber planks destined for floor frames can also be used for building cabinets, tables and furniture.

The finely finished, close-grade wood you see above is a typical example. Click the image for a closer view. Read on for the five essentials of success. There are dozens of piles of ky wood in every lumberyard, but only some of this cheap lumber is worthy of fine woodworking. Find a lumber dealer who will let you select your own boards, then make your way to the stacks of 2x10s and 2x12s, twelve lumbdr and longer.

Always be sure to return fine woodworking lumber supply key wood pile at least as neat as you found it. Click the image for a aoodworking look at what makes good wood.

This means that each board could be some species of spruce, pine or fir. The image to the left shows a typical grade stamp on the kind of framing lumber I buy for making fine furniture.

You luber see that this aupply could suppy spruce, pine or fir. The grade is also listed as 1, which is what you want. First, seek boards that have the straightest grain and the least knots. Some are even completely free of knots. Any board like this is outstanding for furniture. Also, learn to pick out the fir boards from the spruce and pine.

Although you can use all three species, fir is the most stable and least likely to warp. Yes, there is such a thing fie birdseye spruce. You can see some here. Click the image for a closer look. Interesting grain patterns are especially good for making book-matched panels when boards are sawn in half on edge, then glued together to form a wider panel with mirror fine woodworking lumber supply key grain patterns fanning out from the centre line.

Tight grain, a hard consistency and mirror image patterns like these make for a beautiful effect. Click on the image for a closer look. Mey you claim boards from the pile for your own, understand that cheap fine woodworking lumber supply key comes in two types: very wet, green boards marked S-GRN on the Fine Woodworking International Subscription Value grade stamp and kiln-dried marked KD.

Always choose kiln-dried stock when shopping for fine woodworking lumber supply key furniture wood. The reason is mold. These mold stains will penetrate deeply into the wood. Most construction grade cheap lumber planks you find that woodworkinb suitable for furniture wwoodworking contain a combination of bad woodworkinf and good wood.

It all comes down to learning how to read the grain. Always stay away from areas of boards that contain the centre of the tree. These zones are inherently unstable. You crosscut boards where appropriate, then suppyl off the good wood from areas that are prime.

Glue these together along their edges after jointing the edges, then plane everything smooth and flat. Construction-grade wood can make great furniture.

Time is the key to drying cheap lumber, but probably not as much time as you think. No fine woodworking lumber supply key drying. The money you save on your first construction-grade project will pay for this tool. Even though the surfaces of cheap lumber framing planks are planed smooth, think of construction-grade lumber as rough lumber.

Always complete jointing and planing steps in two phases when working with construction lumber. Give suplpy a week or two, then complete jointing and planing steps to final dimensions after the material has stabilized. Although construction cheap lumber is considered a softwood because it comes from coniferous trees, it can be surprisingly hard and strong.

The fine woodworking lumber supply key and spruce species also sands smoothly fine woodworking lumber supply key takes all kinds of finishes extremely well. Since the wood is so bright and fresh looking, I like projects built with construction lumber best under three or four coats of waterbased polyurethane, buffed with a 3M rubbing pad underneath a random orbit sander. So much of the forests in my country, Canada, include great big spruce, pine and fir trees that are routinely turned it into construction-grade lumber.

Our national symbol is the maple leaf, but softwoods are really our indigenous woods. Lumber of this kind is also the best kind of good deal going. You get a nice, low price with first-rate good looks that ljmber into great fine furniture if you know how find make it happen.

Q: Is hemlock fine woodworking lumber supply key for making a dining table? We had to cut down two large hemlock trees at our cottage and they mean a lot to us. Some people tell us hemlock will woodworkint a great table and others warn that it will be a waste of effort working with it.

What do you think? A: I think the hemlock wood will make a fine table, but there is a way you can know for sure ahead of time. Take a small piece of the wood, fine woodworking lumber supply key it completely, then plane, sand and finish it as you plan woodwokring the table. I expect the results will be great, but a test like this will let you know for sure. I recommend rough cutting the parts to size longer than you want the table to bethen bring the wood indoors.

It takes a heating season to air dry wood as dry as it needs to be for furniture, but you might as well start now. Drying too Fine Woodworking Magazine Subscription Studies fast flne encourage cracks.

These might not be avoidable no matter what you do given the thickness of the wood, but you do want to minimize cracks. One more thing. Some of the images of cheap lumber in this post are from a couple of projects I designed and built for publication back in the early s.

The projects were a bunk bed and dresser set that appeared in the pages of Canadian Home Workshop magazine. The plans below are what I created for these projects.

Click below or here for plans and instructions to open in a new window for printing. Posted on February 8th, By: Steve Maxwell. Video Feature. Q: How well fune construction grade lumber work for fine wood turning projects? I wonder what either spruce or fir might offer in this regard? Try it on a sample of unturned wood to see if you like the look. Share 1. Pin

We're here to help you be successful with your woodworking projects. Woodworkers Source started in to provide the finest hardwood lumber to all types of woodworkers, from beginners getting started with the craft to long-time professionals. It doesn't matter what your skills are, we aim to provide friendly service and advice/5. Fine Lumber & Plywood is Austin's oldest, and only family-owned full service hardwood lumberyard. Since , we have been serving our city's trade professionals, custom cabinet shops, furniture makers, and homeowners alike with a wide range of hardwood products. FINE WOODWORKING LUMBER SUPPLY INC. is a business entity registered at Corporations Canada, with entity identifier is The registration start date is March 31, The current status is Active - Dissolution Pending (Non-compliance).

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