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FIRE EXTINGUISHER TRAINING QUIZ. 1. An example of two “Class B” fuels would be: a. Cardboard, newspapers. b. Lamp, hot plate c. Grease, paint thinner. 2. An APW (water extinguisher) is safe to use on an electrical fire. a. True b. False. 3. Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are designed for which types of fuels? a. Class B and C. b. Class A File Size: 39KB. MLKA - Breakaway Steel Padlock. Master Lock is a name synonymous with quality padlocks. The keyed-alike BREAKAWAY STEEL PADLOCK has a 1 3/4"-wide laminated steel body for superior strength and comes with two keys and a steel shackle for superior cut resistance. FIRE PROTECTION CABINET OPTIONS - Locks & Catches LOCKS: SAF-T-LOK™: Standard lock for most locking cabinets. Theft-deterrent feature with keyed cylinder lock available on most cabinets. Can be used instead of break glass lock lever. In the panic of a fire emergency, the breaking of the glass in a fire extinguisher cabinet door can be dangerous.

A wheeled dry chemical fire extinguisher ( lb), is used to fight class B fire and has a range of _____. Damage You will only use the Dry Chemical fire extinguisher on Class C if no CO2 fire extinguisher, because it will ___________ electrical equipment. Plastic fire extinguisher cabinets are lighter than steel or metal extinguisher cabinets. This usually results in lower shipping costs and makes plastic cabinets easier to install. Instead of a glass front, plastic fire extinguisher cabinets feature a plexiglass front display, meaning there is . Flame Detectors with Broad Spectrum Technology - FlameStop TV Episode Coltraco Ultrasonic Liquid Level Test Kits - FlameStop TV Episode Get Trained & Accredited ONLINE - Vigilant MX1 Addressable Systems.

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