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Flat drawer slides 2019 fits perfectly where I have it and the casters make it perfect as an extra table top when I need it. I have been looking online and it does not seem that there is anyone who has added different full extension drawer slides to the ALEX. Or that anyone makes them to fit flat drawer slides Cupboard Drawer Slides 2019 2019 IKEA drawer?

And I found a video where Candice made an adjustment to the ALEX drawer slides to allow the drawers to extend further. There is still a bit of hidden space, but so much less. Then, pry the Soft Close Drawer Slides Menards 2019 metal stoppers at the end of the slides slightly open to allow the first set of ball-bearings to slide out. Related: Sewing table with sliding tray Replacement Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Us flat drawer slides 2019 sewing machine. Next, snip the black plastic stopper to a shorter length. This keeps the second set of ball-bearing in place.

After that, bend the end stoppers back into position. Lastly, reattach the hacked drawer slides to the sides of the ALEX cabinet. Please note, the drawer may be less stable and may Soft Close Drawer Slides How They Work Key not be able to bear as much weight. See the video below for the instructions. The next option would be to replace the ALEX drawer slides with full extension drawer slides completely.

As you found out, searching for one in the right size to fit the channel along the drawer would be the hardest challenge. I found this video helpful in explaining how to install full-extension drawer slides.

Do come back here and let us know which full extension drawer slides you finally chose. Or how you solved the non-fully extended drawer issue. Hacking may compromise the structural integrity of the item. Please be aware of the risks involved before modifying or altering any IKEA product. Alterations and modifications will also void any warranties or return policies you may have received from IKEA. Contributor November 20, Hackers Help 2 Comments 3.

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