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How to Apply Gel Stain Finish to Woodwork

Apr 22,  · Gel stain has about the same consistency of chocolate pudding, and goes on in a nice thick coat like paint. I like to “hold” a bit of stain on my stir stick and apply that to my piece, so that I can keep my can closed as much as possible. Using a foam brush to apply the stain gives good control and helps you to apply in even coats. Feb 19,  · How do I apply a gel stain? First, be sure to stir the gel stain well. You can apply it with a natural bristle brush, foam brush or cotton rag (this last one being my favorite way). If you are applying it in layers, and not wiping away, you will want to apply it similarly to how you would apply a poly product. (my least favorite way to use gel stains). Sep 30,  · Option 1 is to sand to raw wood finish if you prefer. To Sand to raw wood use th e coarser grit first like , then use about to to finish sand. Option 2 is to scuff sand the existing finish if you are not sanding to raw wood. To scuff sand for preparation for gel stain, use anywhere from a .

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