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varathane® premium gel stain. Тонирующий гель для внутренних и наружных работ. VARATHANE® PREMIUM GEL STAIN – отличный состав для тонирования вертикальных поверхностей. Композиция геля плотная, легка в контроле нанесения, не капает и не течет на вертикальных поверхностях. Качественные ингредиенты и цветовые пигменты премиум-класса, придадут богатый внешний вид поверхности и подчеркнут природную красоту дерева. Gel Stain Designed Specifically for Butcher Block. Gel stains are very thick and provide a striking color when cured. Brush, pad, or roller on the gel stain but do not forget to wipe clean before the product dries. Apply in the same direction as the grain of the wood. A top coat is required and we General Mills Gel Stain Colors Error recommend hardwood reflections top coat.  You can find Hardwood Reflections Butcher Blocks & Gel Stains for sale at The Home Depot and at The Home Depot Canada. Follow. Follow. With this easy gel stain over stain & paint technique, you can stain over any surface!  Behr is Home Depot’s brand but if you are at another store, just ask if they can match it. They usually have the codes for other brands in their computer system. White Latex Paint for the Legs – I like Behr Premium Plus Latex.  Minwax Gel Stain Colors – CLICK HERE. 6. Applying Gel Stain Over Paint. Now is the fun part – applying the gel stain over paint!. Always test stain staon a hidden area of the wood to gel stain colors home depot desired colour. Coverage: Approximately 1, to 1, square feet per gallon. I have had some success with the Old Masters Wiping Stains. No ignition source is required for these wastes to start on fire by themselves. Neighbors reported peeling with theirs.

Apply a liberal coat of Gel Stain with a firm synthetic brush or lint-free rag and work the stain across and into the grain uniformly, feathering out streaks while the stain is wet. Wipe brush often on a lint-free rag to remove excess stain. Application over Painted Surfaces: To create a simulated wood look, apply stain to painted surface with foam or bristle brush or cheesecloth using long, smooth strokes. Application over Previously Finished Surfaces: Scuff sand surface before application.

Remove dust. Apply a liberal coat of Gel Stain with a firm synthetic brush or lint-free rag and work the stain across and into the grain uniformly, feathering out streaks while stain is wet. If applying stain exteriorly, top coating with an exterior clear finish is strongly recommended. Mixing and Tinting Custom colors can be achieved by intermixing colors or by adding up to 10 ounces of universal or industrial colorant per gallon.

The amount of colorant added may affect its performance and extend dry time. Stir for uniform consistency. Coverage: Approximately 1, to 1, square feet per gallon. If the wood is finely sanded or nonporous, coverage is approximately to 1, square feet per gallon.

If the surface is porous, coverage is approximately to square feet per gallon. Coverage will vary significantly depending on application method and condition of wood. Drying Time Approximately 6 to 8 hours depending upon temperature, humidity, air movement, and the amount of stain on the surface. For additional color depth, a second coat of stain can be applied after 8 hours.

Dry time may also be extended due to excess stain application or lack of stain penetration. Cleanup Using a cleaning solvent, such as paint thinner or mineral spirits, is recommended for cleanup. The use of paint thinners or mineral spirits may violate VOC compliancy in your area. Check with your local government agencies to ensure proper compliancy.

However, this stain can be top coated with most clears. If a lacquer topcoat is desired, test for compatibility before using. When applying water-based finishes, allow a 2 Inch Thick Wood Planks Home Depot minimum of 24 hours before top coating. Old Masters uses only the finest ingredients to create the highest quality stains available today. Old Masters stains can be used to:. Stain Scrap test piece Stir stick Drop cloth Bristle brush, synthetic brush, foam brush applicator, cheese cloth, or rags Lint-free cloth Mineral spirits or paint thinner Rubber gloves.

Gel Stain. Available colors:. Aged Oak. American Walnut. Carbon Black. Crimson Fire. Dark Mahogany. Dark Walnut. Early American. Golden Oak. Natural Walnut.

Pickling White. I thought it was something special with UV inhibitors they say on their website the stain have UV inhibitors in it, at least the stuff they started selling this year does , so figured the topcoat would definitely.

Should I just return the kits to Home Depot used 1 skin and buy something else to topcoat? Woodworking forum someone posted a link to some tests done of wood that said just use a deep base exterior paint with no tint, it will dry clear and held up better than "spar varnish" and other things sold as clear exterior wood finishes.

Looks like you have to let the gelstain dry somewhat before lightly wiping off. Here is a link that might be useful: gelstain won't stain on primed fiberglass.

Thanks awm. I found another thread on that forum that talked about using Old Masters gel instead of Minwax. Just how would this look on the inside of the door, with all my Honey Maple stained pine trim and natural red oak stairs?

Maybe I need to go with a lighter Old Masters color? Need help with exterior siding and trim color. Entry door color suggestions. Need some advice about Hardie Board. Also picked up some Zar oil-based not gel that my neighbor used on his fiberglas door 1 coat interior didn't look bad, he said 4 coats exterior.

I'm a little scared to use the Zar, think gel might be easier to control. Anybody use both in the past and have any opinions? I have never really had any success using gel stains on Therma Tru doors. I have had some success with the Old Masters Wiping Stains. The best thing to use is the actual Therma Tru stain, but the kits are a total scam. If you do use gel stain, you really don't want to wipe any off I usually have 3 brushes going for working on those doors and a rag nearby to wipe my brush on when the brush is getting too full of stain.

Thanks paintguy. Why don't you use the Thermatru topcoat? Even if Gel Stain Top Coat Home Depot Sale I left them on thick and practically had to scrub them off after they dried they pretty much lifted and didn't leave much color. I'm using Zar Dark Mahogany - now Thermatru says it's got UV inhibitors in its stain I don't know if that's just their new "One Day" stain, this is an older kit with expiration date they told me should still be good.

Think I should put down a light coat since you said stain doesn't go far of the English Walnut and then do Dark Mahogany Zar over? Or Zar first, topcoat, and use Thermatru stain as a glaze, another coat or 2 of topcoat on top of the glaze? Would either of those give me the UV protection? I haven't checked into the cost of the stain alone from Thrematru, but would it be better to just order their Mahogany stain?

That application method is actually pretty normal sounding and it's why I have three brushes out when working on those types of doors. One brush puts the stain on and I let it set up a bit and then almost take it off with a dry brush and the third brush is really dry and as I feather it out the grain starts to become visible again. I just am a big fan of Sikkens finishes so the poly that comes with the Therma Tru kits Gel Stain Top Coat Home Depot 50 may be good but I still just don't trust those water based topcoats for exterior.

Maybe it's good stuff and I know it comes with a warranty. I have just never tried it. The UV protection in the stain is irrelevant to me because I am counting on my topcoat to provide the UV protection.

The topcoat protects the stain and the door should be maintained. I guess maybe I'm missing something there? Well, everyone has their own opinions of what works best.

I'm sure the water based poly does have UV inhibitors but it's still water based. The Sikkens will also hold up better than spar varnishes. You can use the water based poly that comes in the kits if you want though If it's waterbased, will it even stick to the oilbased Zar?

What would you recommend? At this rate it's looking like I'll get the jambs painted today and the door and sidelights might have to wait til next year. I have used minwax gel stain on an oak cabinet.

I know that probably sounds weird but with minwax I think that is the only way to go. Of course I also had to smooth it out after a few applications with a grit sandpaper My cabinet turned out lovely.

But I don't know how to post pictures on here. I'm surprised to see this thread still going. West-facing front porch, 7ft deep, still looks good! How does it adhere? Or were you talking about using the ZAR on a wood door? What did you ultimately choose for your Therma-Tru door and how has it held up? I have a 17 year old, westfacingTherma-Tru that has held up great.

I want to use the kit but I think my contractor has other plans and I may have to do some push back. Please update what stain you used and how it has held up. I ended up using the Therma-tru kit. Called Therma-tru support line several times. I wanted to get two kits and mix for the color I wanted but ended up using the just the light oak stain.

My contractor kept insisting that water base was fine for fiberglass and Therma-tru said no. Their stain is not water based. For the cost of this door, I wanted to have the right stain for this door. My other Therma-tru held up very well, even with the western exposure. Neighbors reported peeling with theirs. Spend a little more upfront and avoid problems later. The doors will only peel if you don't maintain them, regardless of what system you use to finish it.

The stain layer needs to be protected with some kind of clear topcoat and once that has worn away, the stain layer won't last long. This process will happen faster when the door is in the direct sun. Sign In. Join as a Pro. Send a Houzz Gift Card! Free Shipping. Outdoor Storage and Organizers. Home Office Furniture and Storage. Storage Furniture. Minwax Gel stain on Thermatru Fiber Classic door? Email Save Comment Featured Answer.

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