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You can get one with an uncoated handle in either a satin finish or a Damascus blade, or a black coated handle with satin or black coated blades. Photo: Boker Plus Gentlmeens Wasabi. Posted By Johnny Brayson. With a reverse-tanto blade built from gentlemens hardware knife paper steel, these blades are offered with both brass and iron handles. Steel: Lam. Category: Gear.

All models use a titanium frame covered with wood scales — from dark, smoky Gabon Ebony wood to bright, beachy Box Elder Burl. The Kopa is out of production now but featured a variety of beautiful handle materials. Like the Sage, the Chaparral series all have the same handle shape and the same 2.

The real star is the Chaparral 3, with a milled pattern in the handle called stepped titanium. Radially spiraling geometric patterns cut into the titanium give the Chaparral some visual depth, almost like an MC Escher painting — there is also a two tone blue and silver version as well. New for , the Chaparral 4 is available with a handle material called Raffir Noble which uses bronze and brass mesh waves cast into clear acrylic epoxy resin — giving a unique 3 dimensional look to the scales.

Regardless of which handle material you pick, any Chaparral is sure to deliver top notch ergonomics, build quality, fit and finish, and a unique look and feel — in addition to being a useful tool for whatever situation you find yourself in.

The Mini Kwaiken disappears into the pocket — with a 3. There are three versions currently made — black contoured G10 over stainless liners weighing in at 3. All have a dual-finish hollow ground VG blade — satin finish on the titanium, stonewashed on the G10 and smokewash on the carbon fiber, befitting the respective character of the materials. The styling is just the way we like it…simple and elegant.

Just when you thought a 1. The design is actually licensed to LionSteel — who make the TiSpine, but they also produce same knife for DPx to sell in limited quantities only from their website under the Aculus name. The Aculus and the TiSpine differ pretty much only in branding and blade steel. The Aculus uses Niolox — a high speed tool steel similar to D2 but with better edge retention and corrosion resistance. LionSteel has been a pioneer of this difficult manufacturing technique, where the handle is machined from a single piece of titanium instead of being bolted together in two halves.

With a 3. The James Brand is not a well-known entity in the knife market — yet. The most well known of their line is the Chapter knife — a simplistic titanium framelock folder with a variety of handle colors and blade finishes. The blade is a 2. The wide pocket clip is mounted for right-hand tip down carry, providing a sure grip on the pocket. The handle of the Chapter is the definition of simple — box shaped with a slight swell Open Hardware Today Append towards the pivot and a cutout for the thumb stud.

You can get one with an uncoated handle in either a satin finish or a Damascus blade, or a black coated handle with satin or black coated blades. The display side is an intricately machined 3D pattern shaped after the swell of a wave, cresting around the thumb stud cutout. A bright blue anodized thumb stud sets the swell apart from the other Chapter knives. The problem is that most of them are more for… well, looking at than using for cutting stuff.

Used by French legionnaires for literal generations, this iconic and remarkably simple blade is a beautiful workhorse with little in the way of flourish — apart from the stylistic etchings on the blade and handle. They also offer versions that are solely stainless steel and the brand runs an online customizer, so you can build the exact blade you wish to carry.

Take their Swindle, for instance. Even its frame lock is seamlessly integrated into its form. Crafted by the same blacksmiths who used to build swords for the samurai , the Japanese Higonokami is one of the most classic and iconic pocket knives in the world. With a reverse-tanto blade built from blue paper steel, these blades are offered with both brass and iron handles.

You might even pass them down to your children as a family heirloom. This slipjoint knife boasts unmistakeable Japanese design cues, but their subtlety is also evident. Furthermore, the C steel blade mates beautifully to a gorgeous cocobolo wood handle — helping to elevate the knife even further.

Like a samurai sword for your pocket, this blade is hard to beat. Under the same umbrella as Zero Tolerance and Kershaw, Shun is actually most well-known for manufacturing superb kitchen cutlery and chef knives.

Discreet and slim, this non-locking friction folder hinges on a VG steel blade and beautiful PakkaWood Gentlemens Hardware Pen 82 handle. Featuring a high-end D2 tool steel blade mated to a solid titanium handle, this non-locking folder is about as clean as they come.

This 6. Oregon-based brand Benchmade has always had one foot in the tactical realm and the other on the more stylish end of the spectrum. Extremely compact, it boasts a 2. It also has a lanyard slot in case you want to strap it to your backpack, features a non-locking slipjoint mechanism, and looks superb. Justin Lundquist is undoubtedly a revelatory knife designer , which is more than evident in his Kizer Feist Folder.

For instance, it has a flipper opening for quick deployment. And the high-end steel blade mates perfectly with the titanium handle.

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