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Woodturning tools are the direct connection we, as wood bowl creators, have between us and the wood. While countless woodturning tools are available, only a few select instruments are needed to form an elegant bowl. These are the gouges, scrapers, and other tools I use while making bowls.

Each of the items has an Amazon link to check the current price and availability. The heart of the wood bowl turning arsenal is the bowl gouge. The bowl gouge can be shaped and sharpened in different ways for different purposes. If you are just getting started with bowl turning. Two simple bowl gouges will do the trick to get you started.

This smaller gouge has youutbe smaller cutting ykutube which allows for a very fine finish cut. I use this gouge to rough out waste material as well as start shaping bowl exteriors and interiors.

This gouge is glaser woodturning tools youtube workhorse and it takes the beating instead of me and glaser woodturning tools youtube shoulders. The sheer size and weight of this fantastic gouge seems to part wood just from its presence.

This gouge also is a Hurricane cryogenic gouge and has a swept back profile like the larger version. I use this gouge to make wokdturning clean finishing cuts and to shear scrape the exterior of bowls before sanding. I prefer to use the Hurricane Cryogenic tools because the edge stays sharp longer.

However, the same tools are available in a bit more economical high-speed steel version HSS. I started out with these high-speed steel versions of the tools. I still own these HSS versions of the same bowl gouges and use them frequently. I have several different bowl gouges made of high-speed steel and they work fine.

Their bowl gouges hold a sharp edge for a long time and the black handles are sturdy and well balanced. This is the most cost-effective way to purchase these high-quality tools altogether. On a tighter budget, no problem. Here are two options that match the size of bowl gouges I use daily. Another great way to save money, especially if you plan to do more than just turn bowls, is to purchase a glaser woodturning tools youtube set of turning tools.

This Hurricane set contains all the tools needed to turn bowls and do spindle turning as well. The individual cost of each tool in this set is MUCH less compared to purchasing tools one at a time.

This detail spindle gouge, not to be confused with glaser woodturning tools youtube bowl gouge, is used to form the dovetail undercut on tenons and to mark the tenon centers for easy re-centering later.

Scrapers play an important role in refining surfaces both on the outside and inside of a bowl. I like to use a large Glaser woodturning tools youtube Round Nose Scraper for the bowl interior areas. And a large Heavy Square Scraper for smoothing bowl exteriors.

Various sized round nose scrapers are very helpful for interior locations. A great option is to purchase a set of three round nose scrapers. This saves a bit of money and sets you up with a good range of sizes to work with.

Another important tool to have on hand to get the most out of glaser woodturning tools youtube scrapers is a burnishing tool. Parting tools are needed for many tasks while turning wood bowls including; when making end-grain turned bowls and hollow forms and forming mortises. These tools also, come in varying sizes for a variety of glaser woodturning tools youtube. A standard Glaseer Parting Tool is useful tols parting and leveling material across the grain and making recessed areas like mortises.

Specialized woodturning tools are available to scrape glaser woodturning tools youtube dovetail angle of a bowl tenon perfectly every time. A similar specialized tool cuts from a different angle but performs the same results. The Nova Dovetail Mortise Chisel is available to make the mortise shaping process a breeze.

Simply cut the initial mortise recessed area with a bowl gouge or parting tool and create the dovetail mortise angle with this specialized, very efficient dovetail tool.

A skew chisel has many useful purposes, making mortise undercuts is one of those uses. The angled skew chisel is ideal for making the last scrapping cut to finish the dovetail angle of a recessed mortise joint. Easy Wood Tools are an alternative way to turn wood bowls. While these tools do not incorporate the glaser woodturning tools youtube turning techniques as traditional bowl gouges, they will remove material with vlaser scraping action.

Many Lathe Tools Geelong Youtube people have strong opinions one way or another regarding these scraping tools. However, if they wodoturning used correctly a nice finished bowl can be produced. These are also ideal for the woodworker that does not want to dedicate a great deal of time learning traditional woodturning techniques.

For the best value, consider purchasing the three-piece set. Glaser woodturning tools youtube encounter this frequently when turning natural edge bowls. Because I need to attach the faceplate to the bark toosl of the wood bowl blank, I need to prepare a secure area for the faceplate.

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Dec 19,  · Wood turning at the lathe is a very satisfying craft where you can make cool stuff FAST! But like all crafts and skills, there are quite a few common mistake. Jun 10,  · The surprising thing is that some new turning tools aren’t sharpened properly. That can make learning to turn way more frustrating than it should be. Here, I’ll demonstrate how to quickly sharpen six of my most-used tools so that you can focus more attention on turning. I generally prefer freehand sharpening. Helpful vidoes for the woodturner. HELPFUL Best Carbide Woodturning Tools 000 VIDEOS Probably the most challenging woodturning tool to sharpen is the DETAIL/SPINDLE GOUGE (sorry, I have found about eight different names for the same tool!). In this video I will show you how I sharpen this type of tool.

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