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Glue-ups, also known as segmented turning, are a way of Gluing Up Wood For Turning 2019 crafting wood. The process involves gluing pieces of Best Wood For Turning Bowls Uk Yuen wood together to create one block, which is then attached to a lathe. The woodworker cuts into this block to form his preferred shape. Glue-ups give each wooden block a unique mixture of grains, thereby adding individuality to projects. Turning a Segmented Bowl: This is my instructable for turning a segmented wooden bowl. I made this one with salvaged wood from old projects Harvesting Wood For Turning 45 and furniture. It uses cherry and maple for the contrast, but you can use almost any hardwoods. I've found that it helps to pick one. Sep 02,  · As long as the wood is flat and gets glued together good you can turn it. Clamp it up good and it should turn out fine. Here's a segmented bowl I just made. It has 57 pieces in it.

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