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If you are looking to finish your workbench top, see the best kinds of wood based on cost and workability that work well for workbenches.  You can use hickory for your workbench top if you will be using it as a vanity bench which is also going to be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Although on the expensive side, hickory is durable and has a reddish and cream shades. Hence, you get a workbench top that is both good-looking as well as tough. What is the ideal wood for the top? I was thinking of using soft maple. Thoughts, suggestions?  My next project is to design and build a workbench. What is the ideal wood for the top? I was thinking of using Best Wood For Turning Pens Keys soft maple. Thoughts, suggestions? Reply. X. Replies. Samson | Jan 26, pm | #1. This Birch Wooden Workbench Top is a heavy-duty workbench that is perfect for using at home or a shop for doing all kinds of activities. The workbench is built with high-quality wood and exhibits excellent strength. The dimensions of it are /2″ x 27″ x 60″ and the pounds weight gives you the confidence that it can take on any heavyweight material.  The Edsal Butcher Block Wood Work Bench Top is crafted with the best quality kiln-dried maple strips. The workbench is reliable and is perfect for conducting electrical, maintenance, cutting, and industrial works. The sides of the workbench are laminated with maple top that helps in resisting any kind of damage to the workbench.

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