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If your Goodfilla wood filler doesn't do everything you need it to do with ease, we'll refund your money up to days with no questions asked! Product information. Size Name:4 Ounce | Colour Name:Walnut.  Water-Based Wood & Grain Filler - Ebony - 8 oz By Goodfilla | Replace Every Filler & Putty | Repairs, Finishes & Patches | Paintable, Stainable, Sandable & Quick Drying. out of 5 stars 2, S$  This is a fine grade wood filler, works well, dries quick, sands well. I really like having it in powered form, because the paste forms often dry out before I go to use them the 2nd or 3rd time. Read more. Goodfilla ash wood and grain filler powder 6OZ. GoodFilla is a unique water-based wood filler, it won't shrink, sink, crack or fall out. It's staina.. € Ex Tax: €. Minwax Wood Filler comes in various wood grain colors, as well as plain white. Once it dries, you can sand, saw, cut, varnish, and paint it. Best Exterior: 3M Bondo Wood Filler.  For bigger projects, we recommend getting a tub of Goodfella Wood & Grain Filler. The water-based formula fills and conceals cracks, holes, knots, and splits on a variety of surfaces. It comes in three sizes (8 ounces, 1 quart, or 1 gallon), so you should have plenty to cover one or more large jobs. When Goodfella dries, it's easy to sand, and you can rest assured it won't crack, sink, or shrink. Additionally, it can be stained and finished once it cures or tinted before it's applied. The Best Home Repair Services of

Gork's GoodFilla Water Based wood Filler. UA Google+. Home Why GoodFilla? Testimonials Gallery Products GorkReport NEW FILLA-IN-A-BAG. Buy at WoodCraft. Shop on www.- GoodFilla CLEAR Grain-Filler. Buy at WoodCraft. Shop on www.- CLEAR MSDS/TDS. GoodFilla paste MSDS/TDS. QFSS MSDS. FAQ. Color Chart Aqua Wood Grain Filler 300 & Instructions. GoodFilla's water-based wood filler can also be used as a grain filler, primer, knot filler, and much more! Use GoodFilla to smooth out deep groves in hardwood floors, window sills, scratched doors, tables, furniture, and on any wood surface that needs attention. Easy to work and high-quality results every time/5(). Gork’s GoodFilla CLEAR Grain-Filler is a unique, patented, non-toxic, zero VOC, water-based product that allows the user to easily and efficiently fill the open grain. GoodFilla CLEAR Elmers Carpenters Wood Filler Sds Yahoo Grain-Filler is non-film forming, reversible, and works with any finish to achieve a flawless end product.

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