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It is a topwater plug with an unusually large wooden spinner at its nose. It has a metal spinner at its rear, glass eyes, and two treble hooks, and bucktail covers a rear treble that has weedguards. It originated in upstate Hand carved lures York and has hand carved lures cork body hand wrapped onto to the shaft. Mackarel type swim bait. The ones at Wal-Mart are grit on one side andgrit on the other side.

These little Muskie baits have the same great side to side, gliding action as their bigger brothers,Phantom Lures are made from solid, high impact plastic specifically chosen for its wood like characteristics. Every bait is individually weighted for top performance. Hand painted, with 3-D eyes and a quality high gloss epoxy finish. The Phantom is considered to be the easiest jerkbait for experienced anglers and beginners to fish with.

The easy, wide side to side "walk the dog action" plus the slight rolling of the bait at the end of each glide produces an incredible belly flash.

The belly flash is key factor in triggering strikes. Work the 4" Phantom softtail fast or slow. Safe payment. Baja Handmade Lures. We Make Custom Handcrafted Fishing Lures. International Shipping. Secure online payments. Slide title "Have fun and create great memories catching fish with a custom fishing lure made espacially for you!

Custom handmade fishing Lures. Top water Popper. Mackarel type swim bait. Fast retreaving top water swim bait. Deep Trolling Hand Carved Wood Panels swim bait. Custom Hand crafted lures. Handmade Fishing Lures. See category. Custom Made Lures. Become A Partner. Hand crafted fishing lures. Most models have three or five treble hooks. The Dowagiac Minnow was introduced around and produced until at least Heddon named the bait after Dowagiac, Mich.

The model he had was still in its box and in flawless condition. The front of the body is painted red and the rest is white. Harris of Manistee, Mich. Harris published one of the first catalogs for handmade fishing equipment. It's a rare version of Heddon's Underwater Expert. It was made in Ohio in Hardy in Indiana, this lure was America's first bass bait to come with extra bodies so the angler could change the color of the lure without having to change the entire lure.

It has glass eyes, three treble hooks, propellers, and a release harness around the center for changing bodies. This innovative lure was made in by Charles E. Lane Co. It was named after a type of early s British battleship. It was made in by W. Miller of Union Springs, N. Davis of New Jersey, has two single hooks on the body, one treble hook at the rear, and a rear propeller.

It was made in It was made in luminous and nonluminous versions. The lure was designed for catching muskie but was also used for bass fishing. It has weedguards in front of its three single hooks, propellers at the head and tail, and a spotted design on the body. The regular-size version of the Near Surface Wiggler is only worth a tenth of the baby's value. Gaide of Fort Wayne, Ind.

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