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Cold-cutting saw. Industrypilot - Used machines to buy. Transport, Dismantling, Commissioning ✆ +49 (0)  Продам Cold-cutting Hand Held Circular Saw For Sale German saw в отличном состоянии. Производитель оборудования Kasto модель GKS AU Дата выпуска данного станка год. Total power requirement: 5 kW, Control: konventionell. Cold circular saw, metal circular saw, metal chop saw, underfloor saw -Saw blade diameter mm -Gearbox with 4 speeds 6/12/24/48 rpm -Clamping pressure reduction for clamping device -Schnittdruckabhängige saw blade shutdown -Drive 3 / kW -with coolant device -Cutting area at 90 degrees Round: 90 mm -Cutting area at 90 degrees square: mm -Cutting area at   50x50 re/li mm feed - manual: per Hand mm cutting speed: manual per Hand m/min 7nj79ffio total power requirement: 0,8 kW machine weight ab.: 77,0 kg dimensión lower frame: L:0,72 x B:0 Request price more.  Sample sales contract for used machines in nine languages. 10 valuable tricks for buying used machines online. Photo gallery: the 10 strongest forklift trucks in the world. Price. Cold Steels hand crafted swords have a reputation throughout the world for being strong, sharp and extremely reliable when put to hard use. When you purchase a sword from Cold Steel, you're buying more than just "a sword", you're investing in hand crafted beauty along with detailed, authentic reconstruction of a sword from a specific time period. Cold Steel swords provide an elegant, hand crafted look and feel you just can't find anywhere else. Made from High Carbon steel, Cold Steel swords are an excellent addition to any collection. Refine by.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Generally relate to a band sawing machine of horizontal type and, more particularly suited particularly to the cutting of various steel sections such as H-shaped steel.

Are particularly useful for cutting irregular shapes. The radius of a curve that can be cut on a particular saw is determined by the width of the band.

A Cold Saw is a saw that uses a blade and coolant to make a cool clean cut, this application is good for materials that bend and warp from heat. These are great for single cuts or set up as an automatic cold saw it can cut thousands of pieces per day with only the touch of a button. These machines transfer the heat generated by cutting to the chips created by the saw blade. Therefore, the blade and material being cut remain cold, unlike an abrasive saw, which abrades the metal and creates a great deal of heat in the metal and cutting blade.

Cold saws use either a solid high speed steel HSS or tungsten carbide-tipped, resharpenable circular saw blade. This allows the HSS saw blade to feed at a constant rate with a very high chip load per tooth. Also known as a cutoff saw or metal chop saw, is a power tool which is typically Wood Cutting Hand Saw For Sale Quotes used to cut hard materials, such as metals. The cutting action is performed by an abrasive disc, similar to a thin grinding wheel. The saw generally has a built-in vise or other clamping arrangement and has the cutting wheel and motor mounted on a pivoting arm attached to a fixed base plate.

Higher speed saw that requires different blades. Primarily used to cut Lumber, Wood and other non-ferrous metals. Assuming an unusually capable saw and ideal conditions, it is possible to cut at a maximum rate of approximately 30 square inches per minute. It would also require the correct blade tooth and spacing, the right blade speed and feed rate, and an appropriate high quality coolant.

Under more normal conditions a cutting rate of 15 inches per minute is practical and readily obtained when using a high speed electron welded blade. When working with more difficult materials, of course, slower cutting rates may be required.

Each type of material has its own characteristics and some require unusual measures to obtain satisfactory cutting performance. There are many factors which affect cutting performance. Material Composition As the material machinability lowers, so does the cutting rate.

For example, stainless steel is slower to cut than Cwhich in turn is slower than B Surface conditions will also affect the cutting rate. If there are places on the surface or in the material which are hard, a slower blade speed will be required or blade damage may result. Tubing will be slower to cut than solids, because the blade must enter the material twice, and because coolant will not follow the blade as well. Tough or abrasive materials are much harder to cut than their machinability rating would indicate.

Material Size and Shape Each blade configuration will have an optimum width of material to be cut. Below this width, tooth loading may become excessive and hand cold saw for sale online cutting rate must be reduced. But when hand cold saw for sale online material is wider than the optimum width, blade control begins to be lost, as will be discussed below. But a 1. This is because the heavier blade has nearly twice the beam strength, which allows higher pressure and straighter cutting in heavier material.

Cutting tubing presents special problems. The actual area of the cut can be found by using the following formula:. However, there are additional complications, such as the fact that the blade must enter the material twice and that maintaining adequate coolant flow on the blade as it enters the second side in hand cold saw for sale online impossible.

In other words, as well thickness increases, the tubing begins to more and more closely resemble a solid in terms of cutting speed. Guide Spacing The rigidity of the blade is a function of the of guide hand cold saw for sale online, with rigidity being reduced to the third hand cold saw for sale online as the distance between the guides increases.

For example, with guides spaced 2 inches apart, blade deflection might be approximately 0. Under the same conditions, but with the guides spaced a 4 inches apart, blade deflection would be approximately 0. This is a hand cold saw for sale online version of the fourmula, because it does not consider band tension or guide design.

It is hand cold saw for sale online to recognize, for example, that rollers are sonsidered as a pivotal contact, whereas carbide faces could be considered as anchored supports. Thus, the greater the distance between the guides, the greater the probability of a crooked cut.

The solution is to reduce cutting pressure. However, if the material is hard or tough, cutting may stop altogether.

Thus, when cutting wide stock, a compromise between too much and too little cutting pressure must be found. Trial and error may be the only satisfactory method.

Carbon blades cannot be generally recommended because the back of the blade is not sufficiently strong to stand adequate tension, and because it has poor resistance to heat and abrasion. The semi-high speed will allow greater blade speed, but is still relatively economical in applications requiring great toughness, such as in the cutting of structural shapes. The high speed blade, very hand cold saw for sale online a few years ago, is now being replaced with more economical electron welded blades.

Electron welded blades, which although the most expensive are also the best blades, come in many configurations. However, they generally follow the same basic construction. This consists of welding special tool steel teeth of appropriate size and shape to hand cold saw for sale online very tough black back, using special welding process.

The teeth are most commonly made of M-2 tool steel, but many other types are also available for special purposes. These special teeth may be either particularly hard, to permit very high surface speeds, or extremely tough, for use in particularly difficult material, such as irregular or large hand cold saw for sale online in which vibration is a problem.

There are electron welded blades suitable to almost any type of cutting. Tooth Form and Spacing The selection of a tooth form is generally determined by the material hand cold saw for sale online be cut. In general, a coarse, hook tooth blade is the most efficient in materials where it can be used.

Mild steel and aluminum would be appropriate applications. In wide cuts, a skip tooth blade would be effective, hand cold saw for sale online it simply reduces the number of teeth per inch. The standard tooth blade is, of course, a blade for general applications or where a variety of materials are being cut.

Hand cold saw for sale online is also particularly useful in cutting fragile materials, such as castings, brass, and so on. Tooth pitch, or spacing is generally determined by the material and its thickness in cross-section.

Similarly, softer materials will also require more teeth per inch. Wider shapes and harder materials will require a coarse blade with fewer teeth per inch. Hand cold saw for sale online relatively new development is blades with variable tooth spacing. On blades of this type the tooth spacing might, for example, vary from 3 to 6 teeth per inch on a hand cold saw for sale online blade.

Or, on a less coarse tooth blade, it might vary from 6 to 10 teeth per inch. The purpose of this type of tooth spacing is to prevent vibration, which will be discussed in more detail below.

Tooth set prevents the blade from binding in the cut. This type of set is generally used where the material to be cut is uniform in size, and for contour cutting. Wavy set has groups of teeth set alternately to right and left, forming a wave-like pattern. This reduces the stress on each individual tooth.

Making it suitable for cutting thin materials or a variety of materials where blade changing is impractical. Wavy set is often used where tooth breakage is a problem.

Blade Sharpness It comes as no surprise that a dull blade will cause problems but it is also true that a very sharp blade can be a source of difficulty; vibration, to be exact. What happens is this: When a very sharp point enters the material, it immediately begins to dig itself into the material.

The next tooth does the same thing, and results in vibration. Excessive vibration will greatly reduce blade life, and will also cause excessive wear on other parts of the saw. As the blade begins to dull just slightly, the points of the teeth stop digging in and the vibration stops.

Now the teeth must be pushed into the material by the saw, permitting proper cutting pressure to be applied.

Certain blade manufacturers actually sandblast their blades to remove the very sharp points. This may be an advantage in situations involving inexpert saw operators and difficult materials. But careful break-in of a new blade is by far the best method of obtaining the maximum blade life. A dull blade, on the other hand, cannot be expected to cut straight. For example, picture a 10 pitch blade with a. One thousandths of an inch, smaller than the naked eye can detect a human hair is generally from.

That is a total of. Now imagine trying to cut the same material with a chisel with a. What degree of accuracy would you have? In addition, a dull blade will not cut efficiently. As the blade gets dull, it penetrates more slowly and generates more heat which hand cold saw for sale online quickly dull the blade as it becomes duller still, generating more heat, and so on. Since a dull tooth cannot be detected by the naked eye, cutting time is the best indication of a dull blade.

Typically as a blade begins to dull, the cutting time will begin to show a significant increase. It is possible, but un-economical to leave the blade until cutting time has increased two, or even three times the normal time.

Maximum efficiency and straight cutting hand cold saw for sale online that the blade be changed as soon as dulling begins to become significant for the material being cut. It is worth noting, however, that a blade which is too dull to cut stainless or similar materials efficiently will still be satisfactory in mild steel. However, a blade which is too dull for mild steel will not be satisfactory in aluminum.

Blade Speed and Feed Rate Blade speed is generally limited by vibration and the ability to keep the blade cool to avoid dulling the teeth.

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