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Rosettes measureā€¦. They are beautiful, all I hoped. Clip-On: Clip on hinges attach to the mounting plate by snapping into place. Our Shipping Policy gives draeer on shipments to international destinations. I ordered some epoxy resin for a table that I was making, it was so much cheaper to buy a large bottle and now I have some left over to play around with. I hardware drawer pulls and knobs image believe it but I just received my new knobs!

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Center to Center 3-in. Bail Pulls. Bin Pulls. Ring Pulls. Guerin add a wonderful Victorian touch that will set your home apart. Tailor this set to match your decor with seven fabulous finish choices. Rosettes measureā€¦. A sturdy and elegant bridge pull rounds out our collection of hexagonal glass cabinet hardware. This 3" on center pull is the perfect size for all of your kitchen and bath drawers, and matches our medium size hex knobs.

From classic clear to ruby red, you'll find the perfect color for your home. Bubbled Glass Handle - Anthropologie. Big impact, budget friendly projects that will change the look of your room! As part of my Budget Friendly Hallway Refresh I wanted to do something with the brass door knobs on all the doors in the hallway.

Since the word budget friendly was part of this project I decided to spray paint the brass door knobs instead of buying them. Here is what the door knobs looked like before.

This is an easy update until I decide if or when I want to buy new door knobs. Spray paint really can do amazing things and in a quick and cheap way. Ball Bearing: Ball bearing hinges have ball bearings to act as a buffer between the knuckles. They tend to be quieter and more durable than plain bearing hinges. They are recommended for heavy doors and doors fitted with closers. Roller Bearing: Roller bearings are able to support very heavy loads.

Many of our heavy duty gate hinges are equipped with roller bearings. The face frame gives the cabinet box extra strength while adding dimension to the door fronts. Face frame cabinets are commonly made by American cabinet manufactures.

Frameless: Frameless cabinets do not have a face-frame, and instead rely on thicker side panels for strength. Frameless cabinets are very common in Europe, but have steadily been making their way into America, as they lend themselves well to contemporary and modern designs. The center to center is the distance from the center of one screw hole to another. Most manufacturers use this measurement to identify the size of the pull.

Square Corner: Square corner hinges offer an upscale look. Corners must be mortised by hand. Radius Corner: Radius corners are typically only available on residential grade hinges. Corners are mortised using a router. The diameter of the hole that is drilled into the back of the door to accommodate the hinge. Decorative adornments on the top and bottom of the hinge's pin.

Single Demountable: Requires a slot be cut into the door. Double Demountable: Requires a slot be cut into the door and the cabinet frame. Contemporary: Clean sleek lines. The most modern of styles. Glam: Glitzy and glamorous Global: These designs draw their inspiration from countries around the world.

Nature: Shapes and details from the natural world. Retro: Popular hardware designs from the past. Traditional: Classic designs with thoughtful shapes and details.

Transitional: A nice blend of contemporary and traditional style. Architectural Grade: Architectural grade hinges are typically used for custom doors and hardware upgrades. They are of higher quality and made of thicker material.

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