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Online and local store sources for jewelry box hinges, handles, knobs, and other small hardware. We summarized global Jewellery Box Hinge trading companies. we have concluded 85 relevant buyers and 57 suppliers. From company's trade report, you can check company's contact, partners, ports, and you can also query the price of Jewellery Box Hinge.  Based on the original customs data of each trading country, we summarized the list of global jewellery box hinge trading companies and its import and export analysis report. At present, we have concluded 85 relevant purchasers and 57 suppliers. And we have been summarizing continuously. Home Metal Gift Crafts Hinged With Sparkling Light Jewelry Box Turtle Trinket Hand Painted Mini Ring Holder Decorative Figurines. Women's Beauty Store. US $ - / piece.  10Pcs 18x16mm Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges Furniture Accessories 4 Holes Gold Drawer Hinges for Jewelry Boxes Furniture Fittings. Shop Store. US $ / lot. Hinges for jewelry making, hinges for crafts, small metal hinges for silverware jewelry, brass hinges, steel hinges, spring hinges, tiny hinges for sale, stainless steel spring hinges, and more! We are looking for additional sources for jewelry hinges, especially spring hinges. Please contact us if you have hinges . Height: 19mm. Small Brass Hinges. Ideal For Jewellery Boxes, Doll House Doors, & Other Light Projects. Pair Of Hinges (2 Total). Solid Brass. ABAB38, ABAB56, BT (Northern Ireland) GY, HS, IM (Isle Of Man) IV1-IV28, IVIV32, IVIV49, IVIV56, IV63, KAKA/5(5). 8x10mm Mini Cabinet/Jewellery Box Hinges - Decorative Silver Coloured - 4 Holes - with pins - 10 pieces. JaynesCardsandGifts. 5 out of 5 stars. (39) $ Only .

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