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RON HOCK Plane Blades

Bench Plane Blades. Our 3/32" thick blades are world renowned for their improved cutting action. They Veritas Shoulder Plane Blade Controller offer a substantial improvement over the inferior chrome-vanadium junk that comes with so many tools. Our high carbon steel blades can be honed more easily and will get sharper. And our Cryogenically treated A2 blades will hold that edge longer. Bought the Veritas due IMHO – better blade. IME – PM blades stay sharp longer, and take less time to sharpen compared LN (or any) A2 blades. Hate to sound like a commercial for PM plane blades, but most all my 12 assorted Stanley Bedrock planes have been changed to PM blades. I retrofitted a Hock Marking Knife Blade 2020 #8 with a Hock blade and cap iron because the original blade was kaput, but it did Hock Marking Knife Blade 98 not work at first. I was able to fix the problem easily by making a small rectangle of wood equal in thickness to the blade that fits in the slot in the blade and that is bored to pass the cap iron bolt.

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